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Me-made March day 22

March 22, 2011
March 22, detail
Dress: Vogue 8577, cost to make roughly

Sweater: Vintage, thrifted

Pin: Thrifted

Shoes: Keds, thrifted

I’m finally back on track with me-made March.  One thing I really enjoy about the challenge is that it gets me to wear my less worn projects.  I don’t wear this dress often – it used to make me feel costumey (though not anymore… I am used to it at this point) and it attracts lint like mad.  I bought this sweater thinking I would never use it, but I wear it all the time.  It’s the perfect length for me, though I suspect it might be cropped on someone with a normal length waist.

I am so ready for spring now.  Today it is in the 70s!  The temperatures are going to go back down later this week, so I’m enjoying them while they last.  It’s so nice to be out of tights – I don’t mind wearing them, but after awhile it gets a bit monotonous!   I even ordered a pair of shoes to wear this spring.  I got the white color, and I’m anticipating them being nice with full skirts, similar to an oxford but more flattering on the leg.

This is what my hair looks like on the second day of a set of Caruso steam rollers.  I started using them in high school, but forgot about them for years.  I saw them a bit back at Sally’s and got a new set.  I love them – my hair is very fine and mostly straight (I have a little wave underneath.)  These work almost as well as a wet set, but I don’t have to sleep in them.  I highly recommend them!