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Tiny shawls: Me-made March day 21


Milkweed shawl detail

Shawl: Milkweed shawl by Laura Chau, knitted in Socks that Rock mediumweight, 24 karats colorway

Pin: Vintage, belonged to my grandma (and it’s lost one of its pretty green stones, sad face)

Cardigan: Ann Taylor, thrifted

Dress: Ann Taylor petites, thrifted

Shoes: Nurture

Today one of my piano students said to me “why do you always wear weird things?”  I’m not really certain what would be considered “weird” by an elementary school student, but apparently it involves tiny shawls.  I think, all things considered, that I will take the fashion opinions of 7 year old boys with a grain of salt, yes?

I thought I would get out this shawl, since I’m knitting another mini-shawl.  I love to wear them this way, turned around backwards and tied with a pretty pin (I have a ton of brooches… my grandma didn’t have pierced ears, so all of her jewelry obsession came out in pins and necklaces.)

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t use this yarn for another shawl.  It’s very pretty, but it’s so springy and tightly wound that it refuses to hold blocking, especially in the garter stitch.  Even so, I’ve worn this quite a bit.  I hope to wear my damask shawl as much.   I am on row 54.  The great thing about the pattern is that it is knit starting with the long edge, so it gets shorter every row!

I’m also about to start on a new sewing project:

Simplicity 2209 is one of the new Lisette patterns from Simplicity.  The designer kindly sent me one to try, and I thought it would be perfect for this fun cotton sateen print (from Sawyer brook, still available.)  I was looking for a design without princess seams, so hopefully this one will suit the fabric!

16 thoughts on “Tiny shawls: Me-made March day 21

  1. I have had the same thing happen to some of my favorite pins. Now I purposefully remove each stone and reglue each one. Helps me wear them more often.

  2. Take it as a compliment, I was knitting that shawl last year as my “I’m going to the biggest wool and sheep show in the southern hemisphere better have something to knit while I’m hanging out with the knitters” project. But of course I saw something I wanted to knit much more as soon as the first day started so its a WIP or a RIP project right now. Looks great in that colour though.

  3. Isn’t it funny that a 7 year old comments weird and the first thing I think when your blog opens is “what an awesome outfit”!!

  4. Gorgeous outfit – I really want to knit that shawl now, in a bright color. Love that it starts in the long edge, so much better than the other way around!

  5. So gorgeous! I’ve been so afraid of knitting shawls, because I’m never sure how to wear them. I love the color, stitch, and brooch accent.
    Very cute, and I will copy your idea. 🙂

  6. This outfit is just perfect! I love that it looks a bit teacher-esque (now it’s a word!)and romantic at the same time. Super cute. I’m a teacher, too, and I get comments like that all the time. I wear a lot of ethnic patterned knitwear and prints and these fabrics seem to remind my students of rugs and curtains 🙂

  7. I bought that pattern and I can’t wait to try it. Plus I’m jealous of your ability to knit mini-shawls…I tried once and got lost on the first line of instructions!
    But the real reason I am posting is because pretty much ages after falling in love with your “First Dress of Autumn” I finally made my own and wanted to share:
    I should pretty much just sew whatever you do – you have great taste!

  8. I’m so excited you’re about to work on the Lisette pattern! I’m actually planning on picking it up this weekend so I can’t wait to see how it turns out for you. And there’s surprisingly very little feedback or reviews about the pattern line just yet.

    *A quick side note. You’re completely awesome! I rarely comment, but I read about your sewing adventures nearly everyday.

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