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Me made March: travel edition

I thought I must have been crazy to take the challenge before going on a trip, but it worked out pretty well! I have photos from 6 days of my 12 day trip. An additional 2 days were the same as day 1, as I wore the same outfit to fly every time. I have one day I lack a photo from, because it was so cold I never took my coat off. The rest of the days were days were I only wore my concert black. I sometimes wore my black Jalie pleated cardigan with my black dress, but I mostly wore the other (not me made) cardigan. The weather was decent enough, but inside unheated churches it was often so cold that I could see my breath while I was singing (including the one in the videos posted yesterday.) Here’s what I’ve got!

Day 3 (also days 4 and 14.)

Dress: Vogue 1194

Leggings: Vivienne tam

Shoes: Cole Haan

This was my travel outfit.  It was very comfortable, and easy enough to sleep in on the plane.  This photo was taken in the Dusseldorf airport, and I really could not tell you what is up with the giant monkey hand.

Dress: Simplicity 2443

Cardigan: thrifted

Boots: Alfani

I wore these boots every day, because they were more comfortable than my others.  I also had some trouble with my feet swelling, due to the air travel and all the walking, so these just fit better!  They do not, I would say, exactly go with everything I’m wearing, but you have to make sacrifices when traveling!  This photo was taken in Maiori, on the Amalfi coast.

Dress: Vogue 8667

Belt: made by me

Cardigan: thrifted

Photo taken in Amalfi.

Dress: Vogue 8685

Carigan: Jalie leated cardigan

Scarf: H&M

On the balcony of one of our hotels.  It’s the most beautiful view, and I’m not one who even cares about such things!  This scarf did not make it back.  It was ruined in an unfortunate encounter between me and a glass door in Rome (my nose is not broken, but I did chip my front tooth and bleed all over some very nice Italians!)

Dress: Simplicity 2443

Cardigan: made by me

Scarf: Target

In Florence… I didn’t get any outside photos without my coat on!

Dress: Delia’s

Cardigan: made by me

Scarf: Target

Taken in Montepulciano.

I will do a separate post about my traveling in a bit, so those who aren’t interested can easily skip it.  About the MMM experience – it was great to do while traveling, because most everything in my suitcase went together!  If I had realized how many days I would only get to wear my black, I might have tried harder to get around to making my choir dress.  There were four or five days where I had to wear it all day.  That’s ok though – I feel like I carried the spirit of the challenge through, and now that I’m back home I have access to all of my things!

12 thoughts on “Me made March: travel edition

  1. Wow! I’m so impressed. I think it’s so hard to pack for travel – you want to be comfortable but also to “fit in” and feel put-together and presentable even if you’ve been flying all night. To be able to do so in clothes that YOU MADE is seriously great.

  2. Wow, I can’t believe you kept up MMM on the hoof! I love all your dresses and it’s really nice to see the in situ photos. You’re making me think even more that I should try the dress from Simplicity 2443.

  3. You look lovely, and great photo shoots locations as well. Good job on doing this while travelling, all your outfits look great. I particularly like the red home made belt.

  4. It was so fun to see the outfits you took on your trip!

    I have a couple questions for you! I look to your blog whenever I have a sewing question. 🙂 Do you have a handy way to organize your patterns and fabrics? Have you found any boxes that patterns fit well in? And, do you have any favorite places from where you buy vintage patterns?

  5. I hope you enjoyed your time in Italy and I hope you liked your visit in Rome. I allways love this me-made-thing and enjoy seeing other peoples creations in real life.

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