As of last night, we are back from Italy!  It was a wonderful trip and concert tour.  I did continue me-made-March throughout, and I will have those photos later (after I sort all 500 from the trip!)  In the meantime, I thought I would share some videos of our performances.  We performed in Maiori, Assisi, Monte Porzio Catone, and Naples.  We also performed at St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, but those videos didn’t turn out as well.  Here is my chamber group (the Louisville Vocal Project) singing Thou Shalt Know him

I’m the highest soprano part (there is one other soprano.)  Here is another of our group, singing William Byrd’s Ave Verum Corpus

We were also traveling with the Bellarmine University Schola, the college choir that I do section leading for.  Here is the whole group, performing Missa Brevis composed (and conducted by) my friend and former professor Richard Burchard.

I hope you enjoy the videos – I love singing this type of music, especially with a small group. I will be back later with more photos and updates!

31 thoughts on “Back!

  1. I really liked the first one! I’m not musical myself but I appreciate music an awful lot and I’m always intrigued when you mention something about your work. Looking forward to your photos.

  2. I’ve been following your blog for some time, but have never commented til now.

    First, the choral music was beautiful. What I wouldn’t give to sing in a building with such acoustics!

    Second, my hub and I have dreamed of going to Italy someday. My current health won’t allow it, but I still believe that it’s in our future. (Our son is going this summer and I’m thrilled for him).

    Finally, your sewing skills and productivity are impressive. You are among a handful of sewing bloggers who have inspired me to not only give clothes making a second chance, but to also learn how to do it really well. Thanks for that!

  3. Oh how wonderful!! Those beautiful acoustics. I used to sing in a chamber singing group in high school and it was all sorts of wonderful. I really miss it.

    Anyway you sounded so beautiful I shed a tear.

  4. I love how beautiful and heavenly this music sounds! I used to sing in choirs while growing up, and listening to your performance brought back great memories! You are so talented! I wish I could hear a solo performance.

  5. I am so glad you posted the videos as I have always wanted to hear you sing. Your voice is beautiful! Thank you

  6. Thankyou for sharing this, it made my day. I have followed your blog for a long time and never commented, but this music could not go without praise. What a beautiful gift you have, it must bring so much joy to sing like that!

  7. Thank you for sharing. I have just escaped Tokyo to Nagoya to find a little piece of mind, away from the earthquake aftershocks and I came across this post. These really cheered me up. I am now listening to tracks by Acapella Praise and wondering if you are familiar with this group. It is so unfortunate that their records are out of prints and the music sheets are nowhere to be find.

  8. I loved both ensemble pieces–my connection is slow and I haven’t got to the third piece yet. I’ve always loved Byrd. The first piece is gorgeous, though, and I usually prefer baroque and earlier, so that is saying something. I am wondering who the composer is; I will google it, of course. I also like your voice very much; it is my favorite style of soprano, a clear, sweet tone. The other voices are great, as well. Bravo.

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