Me-made March · outfits

MMM day 2


Top: Old Navy

Skirt: Refashioned – shortened and taken in several sizes

Tights: Betsey Johnson

Boots: Impo

I once had a boyfriend who constantly attempted to get me to tan.  He was vaguely obsessed with the idea that being pale is bad.  I didn’t listen, obviously, and continued to insist that I was going to have good skin when I got older.  My heritage is Swedish – I have the sort of pale skin that can tan, but I choose not to go in the sun.  As you can see, it wasn’t the blue wall making me pale.  I am just as fluorescent standing outside in the shade.

This skirt came from Forever 21. I usually wouldn’t bother to refashion something from there, but I loved the fabric on this skirt (it’s a linen that looks like denim.)  It’s been one of my favorite skirts this winter, though it’s probably going to be too short for warm weather, due to my odd prudishness.

This is my last post before my trip – my next photos will be in the airport (maybe during my 7 hour layover in Chicago tomorrow!)

17 thoughts on “MMM day 2

  1. You look like a French girl! Cute. I can’t wait to see your pictures. I have only seen Germany in Europe when I was 20 yrs. old (1978). I’m sure things have changed over there since then. Have a wonderful time.

  2. I love your colorful tights, I’m so scared to try to pull those off!
    I’m also extremely pale (and call myself transparent!) and I love that you’re proud of your paleness.

  3. Have a great trip! Will be looking forward to seeing what you see in Italy. Thinking of a week in Florence in the fall….

  4. It’s your bright pink tights that catch my eye- they are fantastic! Your smart to stay out of the sun. I am 39 and also very pale naturally. I grew up in the tropics and the sun damage I accumulated before I was even 12 is beginning to show in age spots, etc. Sigh.

  5. There is nothing wrong with being pale, I am kinda violet sometimes too… I learned very early that I *could* not tan: I burn, and come back to white.

    Lovely skirt and…

    Have a great trip!

  6. Inspirational! Have a great trip and choose to have adventures everywhere!! By the way, that would be just as cute in summer with capri leggings 🙂

  7. I love the tights too, even though you didnt make them! (CAN tights be home-made?) I search far and wide for bright/cute sock weight tights to wear under skirts in winter, but to no avail. The ones I really like only come in sizes to fit my four YO. Alas.
    Good for you for protecting your skin. I’m a fair red-head and did not do well in that regard. My parents took me up in the mountains when I was two, I was sunburned so badly, riding in a backpack, that my eyes were swollen shut. Now, at 40, my skin does not look very youthful. My dad feels awful about it. I have more wrinkles than he does!

  8. Great skirt, and love the tights!

    I’m pale as well (I look a bit like a ghost!) My English/German/Swedish heritage has doomed me to a lifetime of sunburn – I tend to burn and freckle rather than tan. Many of my friends have tried to get me to fake-tan, but I actually love pale skin. Dainty & delicate!

  9. Love to see the wonderful creations you sew, but I sure do miss your knitting. Do you knit now at all? I don’t think I could ever stop.

  10. Love the outfit – the tights are especially great! I’m pretty pale myself, I once got asked if I went on moonbeds instead of sunbeds… 😉 x

  11. Wow, those tights are greatest shade of pink! Hurray for paleness! I’m of Scandinavian descent too and in the park the other day I looked vaguely translucent. I tan quite well too, but don’t take the risk!

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