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Me-made March: day one

Me-made March: day 1

Dress: Vogue 8028 (blogged here)

Tights: Hue

Shoes: Kenneth Cole

Necklace: gift

So here we are – day one of Me-Made March!  Self-stitched September was very good for me.  It taught me that I can indeed wear the things that I make every single day without anyone commenting on them looking homemade.  Since then I’ve been wearing my own creations on a regular basis!  It also taught me that I was looking at my wardrobe in a rather wrong-headed way.  I used to save my nice outfits for nice occasions and wear clothes I didn’t like every day.  I couldn’t do that in September, and I bet since then I’ve only worn pants a handful of times.  As it turns out, I prefer dresses.   Who knew?

I bet I have worn this dress more often than anything else in my winter wardrobe.  It’s so versatile, and I love it!  I actually asked for a gray pearl necklace to match it, and my Mom bought me this one for Christmas.  I’m not so much into this sort of necklace, but it works really well with a shirtdress.

The only complaint I have about this dress is that the corduroy is rather stiff on the skirt.  Sometimes it hangs a bit awkwardly, but most of the time I don’t care.  It’s a more casual dress anyway.  I also probably made it a size too big, but I was very concerned about the buttons fitting properly!



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