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Vogue 8380

Pattern: Vogue 8380

Fabric: 2 yards of stretch cotton sateen from Sawyer Brook fabrics


It’s a bit girly, no?  I don’t think I would describe my style as girly per se, but sometimes you are just in the mood!  This was a super easy pattern.  I made it because I have seen it looking fabulous on many different ladies, and I was not disappointed!  The fabric is a cotton sateen.  It is perhaps a wee bit heavy for the pattern – I think it would drape better in a nice lawn or voile, though then you would have to line it.  This is a straight size 8.  I made no real alterations, not even the length – as drafted, with the prescribed hem, it is exactly knee length on me.  That’s where I prefer a summer dress to fall – I don’t like to show too much leg, as it limits the places I can wear the dress without tights.  I had a heck of a time getting the dress to photograph!

This photo is true to color, but a bit washed out in the details.  Imagine the dress being somewhere between the two photos.  The empire band has to fit pretty tightly for the dress to hang right.  After my fitting mishap (which involved me having to use a seam ripper to get out of the dress) I didn’t actually make any alterations – I just sewed in the zipper.  It fits fine, but I cannot zip myself into the dress because there is no ease – it requires a helper.  Once zipped the fit is perfect (this is why I prefer a back zip – side zippers are so picky!)

If I made this dress again, I might cut down the width of the straps.  They must be folded to go through the casing, and that seems a bit bulky to me.  Other than that, this dress was easy and flattering.  Now we just have to get some warm weather for me to wear it!