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What I’m making & wearing this week

I had a very busy weekend.  We took a trip to see Marc’s parents (and to borrow their traveling gear!)  I also subbed as the pianist for a few masses, which I played while recovering from a severely bruised wrist (I fell on it while attempting to carry a duffel bag to the car… this does not bode well for our trip.)  Last night I finally had time to get started on the project I had planned for the weekend, Vogue 8380.  I’m using a stretch cotton sateen from Sawyer Brook (now sold out… I bought the last 2 yards when it went on clearance!)  It is perhaps a bit heavy for the pattern, though I think it is one of the recommended fabrics.

I only have to add in the zipper and hem the dress – this project is very simple and straightforward.  Last night I based the dress together to try it on, and managed to get myself stuck in the dress.  I usually don’t put in zippers to test sizing – I can wriggle my way into almost anything, being quite double jointed.  What I forgot was that this dress has an empire waist.  I also cut the waistband on the crossgrain, so it doesn’t have any stretch.  The dress fits fine, but I had to hobble up to the sewing room and use a seam ripper to get myself out!  Hopefully I can finish the dress tonight after my lessons are finished.

I’m trying not to wear the clothes I’m taking on my trip this week, because I don’t want to wash them again (and I will be tired of them after 2 weeks of remixing!)  Instead, I got out this dress, which I have neglected since making it.

Dress: made by me, Butterick 5523

Tights: Forever 21

Shoes: MIA

The problem that I have with this dress is that it is long sleeved.  I like to layer cardigans and jackets over dresses in the winter, but the rather thick sleeves won’t let me do that.  It’s also a solid color, and I almost never wear outfits that don’t have any pattern.  I decided to pair it with these tights (I love these tights, and they are on their last legs… time to look for better argyle tights for next year!)  Now the dress feels like me, instead of someone else!

Weird thing about these shoes… I had stopped wearing heels for about a year after I broke my toe, and when I went back to wearing them last year I thought these shoes were hideously uncomfortable.  Now?  I think I’ve grown accustomed to heels again, and they pretty much feel fine!  I am still thinking about getting insoles for them, but I have really, really high arches, and adding depth to the bottom of shoes tends to make them bruise the tops of my feet… so probably not.