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Weekend project

Thank you all so much for the help with my glasses.  At last count, that post had 74 comments – wow!  Finn came in first, with Colton second.  I’ve decided that I’m going to order them both!  I have a coupon they sent me to make up for the try-ons being delayed, and they aren’t expensive – so why not?  I think it will be good to have one small and one large pair.  Now I just have to decide if I want them both in black, or if I should order one in tortoiseshell (I like black frames, but it might be nice to have variety?)

Moving on, here is the project I’m working on this weekend:

Vogue 1225

Vogue 1225 is one of the new Spring patterns.  I liked my first Tracy Reese dress so much, that I decided to make up the second right away!  I would not say that the path to making this dress has gone quite as smoothly.  First of all, this dress has a 4 panel skirt, and six body panels.  That makes pattern matching impossible, but my fabric (the tie-dyed rayon knit above) doesn’t have a repeating pattern anyway.  I tried to match similar colors, which worked pretty well except for on the back – the center back has a mismatch, which made me so upset that I almost gave up entirely!  I got distracted from binning the pattern when my husband sliced through his thumbnail chopping garlic (one trip to the immediate care center, and one tetanus shot later, he’s ok!)  I’m glad I didn’t, because the dress is turning out to be really cute, and you can hardly notice that seamline.  I will try for a proper review tomorrow – I need to organize my thoughts, because this pattern had some strange inconsistencies!