I finally got my try-on order from Warby Parker.  They were featured in the NY times, and got tons of orders, so it took a bit longer than usual, but it was worth it!  The frames seem pretty well made to me, and I really love several of these styles.  Would you like to help me make my final selection?  I asked my husband for his opinion, but he just said “Don’t you have the whole internet to make these decisions for you?”  Which I guess I do (although I would have given an opinion… I have a lot of opinions!)

So… here we go!  First, for reference, above is a photo of my current glasses.   This pair is at least 10 years old.  I would like a larger lens (my eyes are pretty bad, so I can’t see anything at all around the edges of these, and even the edges distort a bit.)  I don’t care for the oval shape anymore, and I think the narrowness of the shape doesn’t suit me.   I have a pretty big head, and wide, high cheekbones – I think these are too delicate!  And… I like a little bit of a nerdy style – thus the frames I’ve picked to try on!


Here are the five pairs I got to try on.  I’m thinking I like the Coltons (bottom left.)  They’re nice and big, but not overwhelming like the Huxleys. The webbs are similar, but I think I like the Colton more.    The Finns are also nice, but they are a bit smaller than I’m really looking for.  The  Fillmores are hilariously terrible on me – and weirdly, though they are the largest frames, they are too narrow for my face!   I’m so bad at making these sorts of calls!  So… I’ll open it up to the internet.  Which one do you think suits me the most?

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  1. I like the Finn, mainly because your eyes look more centered vertically within the frames. Speaking as someone who is very near-sighted, you have to keep in mind that the bigger the lenses, the thicker the lenses, and it’s not linear. The lenses get very very thick on the outer edges with higher correction. I myself choose as small a frame as possible, and I get the extra thin plastic lenses.

  2. I like the Finn or the Colton… I really can’t decide which one I think looks better on you, but the coltons are bigger, if that’s what you are looking for!

  3. I ordered some try-ons from WP too, but didn’t love any of them. I’ll order some of the ones you’ve ordered b/c I think you look great in all of them (well, except the Filmores!). I like the Webb or Colton best.

  4. The Finn and the Coulten seem to be the most flattering. I don’t usually post – but had to weigh in my two cents!

  5. I’ve been a fan of your blog since your knitting days. I don’t usually comment either, since especially now I don’t know much about sewing, but go with #1! They are the best–the ones on the bottom are too big for your face. I also love #3, but they’re slightly “HELLO I’M WEARING GLASSES.” You really look the best in #1.

  6. I like 1 and 5 the most. Really about the same amount. I think you get lost behind the others. Like you see the glasses first and your face second instead of it being the other way around.

  7. I like the Finn the best out of those. However, I really like your old pair of glasses the best – I think they look just fine on you. They are more delicate, but I have always thought you had delicate features. Good luck with your choice.

  8. I’m another lurker de-lurking to say:
    a. I love your blog and …
    b. The Finns are smashing on you. You look hip and sophisticated and your eyes are centered perfectly in the frames. I’m another Warby Parker fan and I was torn between the Finn and the Colton too. I ended up ordering the Finn in Amber and the Colton in Black Crystal (I mean, they’re only $95 each, right?!) Why don’t you post your pictures on the Warby Parker Facebook site? They’ll give you an expert opinion (and I bet they choose the Finn!).

  9. I like the Finns or the Webbs. It is a hard choice since they both look so well on you. Perhaps you should buy both & switch around for fun.

  10. I like Finn best & Colton 2nd best. (s’pose that Finn is less of a deviation from what you had before, which I like, though i can see that the squarer ones are more stylish. I think the narrow ones suit your delicate face better.

  11. Narrowed down to two I would agrees with the masses and say Finn and Colton; then I would add that Colton has a younger fresher look, plus I focus for more on you and your pretty eyes and smile than your frames. Finn is teensy tiny bit more librarian, which seems to send my thought pattern into an older demographic,and I am more focused on looking at the frames than you. Guess it depends on what you are trying to achieve right? Good luck deciding, I agree with the rest of the commenters that except for Filmore (aka Scrooge McDuck) they are all great on you.

  12. I want to say Finn is absolutely best. All of the other frames, to me, are far too large for your face. If you do want large, though, I would say Webb, they are slightly smaller and less overwhelming to me than Colton.

  13. I like the Finns best of all by a long shot, like someone else said nerdy but contemporary (and chic). But the Webbs are nice too especially if you worry the Finns might be too small still for what you’re looking for.

  14. Hi Jessica! I am another one of the ones who never comments. On the whole I would ask why did you pick such dark frames? They look severe to me. Or maybe it’s the light in the picture??? My daughter picked #4 and me I like the look of the Finns and Coltons in that order. I love the styles. I tend to find #2 the weirdest one… Can you try some colors? Are they so very expensive that you have to do only one pair? I have reading glasses and I try to get the frames in different colors that way I can have variety. In your case maybe making 2 pairs???? Just my humble 2 cents.
    have a nice day
    Jimena in Beirut

  15. My vote is for #1 and #5. I made this decision before reading the comments. 🙂
    These two frames look terrific on you!

    [Jimena-I’m guessing she picked dark frames because they are very fashionable right now.]

  16. I’d go for either number three or number four. Have you tried glasses direct? They’re also great for online glasses shopping!

    You remind me of that judge on Britain’s Next Top Model, Grace Woodward with the Huxley’s on.

  17. Oh ouch I just went through the whole picking new glasses thing. The problem was I thought I looked terrible in everything!

    Anyway, (before I read your comments – or other people’s) I looked at the pics and I think the Finn and Colton are by far the best (in that order). So the Colton if you want the larger lenses.

  18. I’m quite partial to the Finns being my son’s name and all ;). Oh and because they look the best on you! But if you need bigger defo the Coltans are the next best :).

  19. How funny, I also just did the home try-on with Warby Parker! I bought the Finn and Nedwin. I agree that the Coltons look awesome on you. Good luck choosing! 🙂

  20. The Finns look nicest on you, but if you think they’re too small, the last pair, the Coltons, are also pretty cute.

  21. I like the Coltons best from the front but I worry about the wide/thick “arms”. They tend to mess with my peripheral vision so a narrower arm like the Webb may be better, since the look is very similar otherwise. Just something to keep in mind.

  22. Style-wise the Coltons are the most versatile. They have that geeky vibe but are softer and more feminine. I also think they are the most flattering. Unlike most folks, I also like the Huxleys, because if you’re going for a *look* sometimes you have to go all the way and commit to it.

  23. Definitely the Webb or the Colton frames, though like you, I’m leaning towards the Colton frames.

    So glad that the website is working out for you – I might have to try them out for my next pair given all the good feedback.

  24. I agree with the very first comment (and I’m sure some of the others, but I haven’t read them all). I like the Finns because I can still focus on your face without the frames overwhelming me. They look great!! If I have to give you a second option I’d say the Webbs (bottom right). Good luck with your final decision!

  25. I’m always happy to offer an opinion! LOL

    My least favorites – Filmore and Huxley.

    Then in order of preference;
    I’m not sure why the Webb over the Colton except maybe that the shape is a bit edgier to me.

  26. I love the Finn. As you said, you have high cheekbones, and I think the Colton is too big. Your eyes are more centered in the Finn ones, and they still have that nerdy flair! Love them!

  27. I also never comment, but as I’ve been haunting the Warby Parker website trying to make a similar decision, thought I’d weigh in! I agree with the majority that the Finn fit your face best (especially in the black) followed by Colton & Webb. I think I could be full-force behind the larger choices if you were considering tortoise/amber/sandalwood – still a lot of impact, but without overwhelming your features.

  28. I also like the Coltons on you. The slight squaring of the lenses really contrasts nicely with your delicate features. Best of luck deciding!

    1. I have the same uniqueness: big head and high cheekbones. Glasses like Finn are the best for us 🙂

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