I finally got my try-on order from Warby Parker.  They were featured in the NY times, and got tons of orders, so it took a bit longer than usual, but it was worth it!  The frames seem pretty well made to me, and I really love several of these styles.  Would you like to help me make my final selection?  I asked my husband for his opinion, but he just said “Don’t you have the whole internet to make these decisions for you?”  Which I guess I do (although I would have given an opinion… I have a lot of opinions!)

So… here we go!  First, for reference, above is a photo of my current glasses.   This pair is at least 10 years old.  I would like a larger lens (my eyes are pretty bad, so I can’t see anything at all around the edges of these, and even the edges distort a bit.)  I don’t care for the oval shape anymore, and I think the narrowness of the shape doesn’t suit me.   I have a pretty big head, and wide, high cheekbones – I think these are too delicate!  And… I like a little bit of a nerdy style – thus the frames I’ve picked to try on!


Here are the five pairs I got to try on.  I’m thinking I like the Coltons (bottom left.)  They’re nice and big, but not overwhelming like the Huxleys. The webbs are similar, but I think I like the Colton more.    The Finns are also nice, but they are a bit smaller than I’m really looking for.  The  Fillmores are hilariously terrible on me – and weirdly, though they are the largest frames, they are too narrow for my face!   I’m so bad at making these sorts of calls!  So… I’ll open it up to the internet.  Which one do you think suits me the most?