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My Superbowl dress (Vogue 1224)

Pattern: Vogue 1224, a Tracy Reese design

Fabric: 2 yards ITY knit from Joann’s

Notions: 1 package 3/8″ elastic

No, I didn’t wear this dress to watch the superbowl – I sewed it up while my husband and his friend were watching the game!  I am so not a sports fan (and neither is my husband, but for some reason he always watches that one game – I think it’s an excuse for party food!)  I had cut it the night before, in anticipation of sewing during the game, so actual sewing time was maybe 2.5 hours (I did take some breaks in there!)  I recommend this dress for a quick sew – it’s a lot of payoff for an easy pattern!

This was one of my favorites of the new collection.  I’m currently sewing things to take with me on my trip abroad (more on that in a later post) so I’m making a lot of knits, which travel well!   I may try to get in the other new Tracy Reese pattern in the next few weeks – I’ve got my fabric ready!

I cut a straight size 8 from my pattern, but then looked at the hip measurements and decided I didn’t want a tight skirt.  So when I cut the actual fabric I added 2.5″ in the skirt, giving me 2 inches of ease.  I expected this to give me problems when sewing it to the bodice, but it actually fit fine.   You can see above where a skirt 2 inches smaller would have been tight.  The bodice pattern pieces look pretty strange, but I followed the directions and they came out fine!  I used sulky tear away stabilizer to make the single buttonhole (the neck cord goes through this.)  I hate making buttonholes on a knit, but I find that with the stabilizer it’s not a problem.

I did not line the skirt, as called for by the pattern.  Because of this, I decided to use the seam allowance between the skirt and bodice to make my elastic casing, rather than attaching a separate piece.  That worked out fine.   I lost my loop turner, so I had to improvise a way to turn out the cords.  I ended up wrapping the blunt end of a skewer in duct tape (to avoid snags) and using it to push out the tube.  I did sew my cord closed at the exposed end – the instructions never said to, but I thought it would look unfinished!  I chose not to add the cord stoppers, and just knotted the cords.

I really like this dress – it’s easy to make and easy to wear!  I only have one complaint – the length of the skirt.  I know I should have measured it, but I almost never have to add length to a pattern.  The length in the photos is the unhemmed length – seriously!  I’m treating it a bit more like a tunic, and wearing it over leggings.  It’s bad because, with the elastic waistband, it tends to creep up while you wear it.  If I make another I will add some length, a good three inches!  I guess I should start watching the length of skirts!

Here is how I wore it today:

I got the nicest compliment when I wore it to rehearsal – one of my friends said “You always cheer me up because your clothes are so colorful and happy!” (I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the idea!)  I sometimes get positive comments on my clothes, but I more often get a sort of suspicious “Why are you always so dressed up?” so positive is good!