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Project planning: Simplicity 2644

I was sifting through my patterns in Evernote yesterday, and came upon this pattern.  I must have bought it in one of the 99 cent Simplicity sales, and then promptly forgot about its existence.  I think the dress has a certain 1940s look to it, with the six gore skirt and the sweetheart neckline.  I also think the pattern photo is pretty bad.  I couldn’t figure out what was bothering me about it, but then I realized that it’s too monochromatic, which (in my opinion only) can sometimes give things a homesewn appearance.  Not always, of course – some dresses don’t need embellishment – but I know most of my solid RTW dresses have some sort of a contrast to break up the color.  Imagine the dress with a contrasting tie waist, as in my line drawing – isn’t that much better?  My main fabric is a rayon challis, slightly brighter than the color appears on my monitor.  I have not managed to find matching thread, so I will have to be careful that it doesn’t show on the outside.   For the tie I’m considering using a patterned cotton.  This should give the waist structure, and allow me to use a fun print (in a small dose.)  I will have to take a swatch with me to the store tomorrow to figure out what I want.

This pattern basically doesn’t exist online – there are two reviews on Patternreview, but one of them used a different skirt pattern, and the other doesn’t have a photo.  I tried a Google search, but came up empty.  I sincerely hope there isn’t some sort of awful flaw to this pattern!  I guess I will find out… My plan is to sew a bodice muslin first (I have some leftover rayon that should work.)  I’m a little worried about the neckline, and the sleeves have the possibility of being too big – I will have to try it and see!

We are on snow day number 6 (I think) for the school year today.  I still teach in the snow, but I am certain to have some cancellations – which leaves me time to work on my muslin in between (this is the reason why I love working at home!)

4 thoughts on “Project planning: Simplicity 2644

  1. There’s something exciting about working with a pattern that doesn’t have any reviews or pictures online though! I have some older patterns that I really need to bust out so I can be the first to post them on PatternReview! Good luck! – Sarah

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