Outfit: my 90s self

Dress: Talbot’s, thrifted

Cardigan: thrifted

Belt: Calvin Klein

Boots: Poetic License

One trend that I’m very excited about is the return of the ditsy floral print.  I love a bold print, but small prints are nearly always easier to wear.   I used to have a ton of dresses like this.  In fact, my 90s self would approve of this outfit (except for the boots – I didn’t own any then!)  This dress is probably actually from the 90s.  I thrifted it a few months ago, but it went in my alteration basket – it went below my knees, and I wanted it to be about the length you see it here.  It’s made of rayon crepe, and my experience with rayon crepe that says “dry clean only” is that it shrinks tremendously in length.  So – I threw it in the washer and dryer, and it came out the perfect length! Luckily it didn’t shrink anywhere else, but I would not recommend this method.

I got my boots at the Zappo’s outlet in Shepherdsville (just outside Louisville.)  If you are ever in town, it’s totally worth the trip – I only paid $20 for these brand new boots, which had been on my wishlist for ages.  Everything in the store is usually 50% off retail, with special sticker colors being on sale every day.  My boots were 70% off, and there was an additional friends/family discount that I was able to get.  I can’t go there too often or my shoe collection would be even more out of control!  I love the boots because they have a sort of Steampunk vibe.  Poetic License is a new brand to me, but their shoes all have an over the top vibe that appeals to me.

I wore this outfit to go thrifting, but I only made it to one store.  I went to the store nearest my house, apparently to remind myself of why I don’t bother.  It’s a big store, but it’s always picked over (the ratio of hipsters to non-hipsters in my neighborhood is pretty high, so I’d imagine they go there!)  I plan to spend the afternoon cutting fabric to make Vogue 1209 – I’m not making a muslin, since the fabric itself was so inexpensive, so wish me luck!

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Vogue patterns, Spring 2011

Thanks for the comments on the storyboards – I will make a tutorial and get it up soon!  The new Vogue patterns are finally up on the website, so here are my favorites (I have been dying to post about these since I saw the magazine scans on Adrienne’s blog!)

1220 – Donna Karan

This is my favorite of the new collection.  This is sort of a modern shirtdress, and I can imagine it being flattering on almost any body type.  I like the waistline pleats, the neckline, and the generous sash.  It calls for stretch wovens, and I will make it in as stretch cotton sateen (I’m imagining a dark, saturated red.)

1218 -Donna Karan

A very simple design, but a glance at the line drawing shows some fun diagonal seaming on the front.  I’m not sure what sort of fabric this is made of, and I couldn’t find it online to check.  It calls for 2 way stretch knits, but I’d imagine you need a knit with a good amount of structure – maybe a light rayon doubleknit?


1225 – Tracy Reese

This looks like a great casual dress.  I’ve already chosen fabric for it – an almost tye-dyed rayon jersey in jewel tones (see my flickr account for a photo.)  The pattern appears to call for making a petticoat, which I would not do.  I have one already, should I feel inspired, but I don’t generally like that much volume.

1224 – Tracy Reese

Another knit dress pattern from Tracy Reese.  I love her designs, and own all of her patterns (as well as a few of her dresses,) but I’ve never made one.  Her designs often call for fabrics I don’t like working with, mostly sheer or slippery silks (I also don’t like drycleaning, another reason to avoid silk!)  I’m also planning her dress with the shoulder bows from the winter collection, should I find a fabric I like!  Back to this pattern – this is rated very easy, and I expect to see plenty of these made up.  It’s a simple design, but the shape is very current, and it looks comfortable.

1232 and 1233 – Pamella Roland

I’ve never heard of Pamella Roland, but I think both these dresses are pretty!  Are they for me?  It depends… I would need to see them made up.  I will admit to owning at least one skirt that has a hem similar to 1232, and I love it – but I never wear it because I always feel overdressed.  1233 has a great 1970s vibe – doesn’t it looks just like some of the Vogue designer patterns of that era?  I’m not sure it would work on me, so it’s also in the maybe pile.  I can’t wait to see someone else make it up!

So those are my favorites!  I also like the belt pattern, but I’m not sure I need to make belts when I can buy them so cheaply.  In addition, there is a really pretty watercolor Anne Klein dress, but I’ve had bad luck with Anne Klein – both the patterns, and the clothes.  The other new designer is Vena Cava.  I sort of liked the little slipdress, until I realized that the ruffles were only on one side.  I am strongly in favor of symmetry (although I know that asymmetry is very “now.”)  The other dress is sort of shapeless, which won’t work on me. I’m not in love with any of the non-designer patterns.  I usually like the “very easy very Vogue” dress patterns, but there aren’t any this time (as though I needed more dress patterns!)

Overall it’s a good collection – not too much crazy, and at least three patterns that I need. I am not buying any fabric this month, but after that I will look for a sateen to make the Donna Karan dress!