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When I was in the 6th grade, our Social Studies teacher assigned us to make a collage of family photos and magazine clippings that represented our family heritage (I believe we were doing an immigration unit at the time.)  I agonized over that thing – I couldn’t bring myself to ruin any photos, but I wanted to be creative!  In the end I kept the photos whole and surrounded them with clippings.  And my teacher failed me for “not being creative enough” and “not trying.”  I then cried in front of the whole class (I didn’t do failure well,) resulting in several new and particularly cruel nicknames that followed me until high school.

So you can understand why I’ve never bothered much with project storyboards.  The only thing I use gluesticks for anymore is basting a seam! When I got a copy of photoshop for Christmas, I thought I would be able to edit my photos with ease, but I didn’t think I would enjoy making little images for my projects so much.  They aren’t the most exciting storyboards ever, but I was particularly excited to discover how to take my fabric images and color in the line drawings – instant mockup!  (I can do a tutorial on that if anyone is interested.)

This is one of the Spring Vogue patterns, which aren’t on the website yet, but the images are!  I will post my review when they go live, but it looks like a great collection for dress lovers!

You can see all my storyboards in my flickr account here.  Wow, this is like a whole new level for my OCD organizing to infect!  It’s even better than making lists!  And it’s useful too, because I’ve already rejected a few plans after seeing how the parts all looked next to each other.  I have  run through the winter dresses I wanted to make, so pretty soon I’m going to have to figure out which of my Spring plans will make decent transitional dresses.  Yes, I am ignoring the snow on the ground, and that January is usually our coldest month.  It’s already almost halfway over, and I can start dreaming of the thaw!


18 thoughts on “Storyboarding

  1. Oh, I hated when teachers made us do that! Didn’t it ever occur to them that we didn’t want to cut up family pictures?!! (And it’s not like everyone had a scanner and color printer back then) I saw your storyboards on flickr yesterday and loved them! I’ve seen a couple of people do similar things….I’d like to see a tutorial, but I’m afraid that without photoshop I wouldn’t exactly be able to use it anyway. (Unless someone knows of a less expensive program that’ll let me do it?!)

  2. I just looked at your storyboards again, and it made me laugh….when you posted the pictures of the fabrics you bought at I immediately thought of the same pattern you ended up pairing it with: McCalls 6069! I was thinking about getting the burgundy version for mine…I’m just scared of the large scale of the prints.

  3. I really like Vogue 1225. A flirty summer dress. And it looks like I would be able to nurse in it.

    How did you get access to the images?

  4. Fun! Every time I’ve attempted a storyboard I want to tear my hair out. We have a mac, and the instructions are always for PC’s. And I’m not too computer savvy. But fun idea! I am also wondering where you got the images for the new Spring line of Vogue. I am itching to get a good look at them.

  5. This is similar to what I have been doing with my planned projects for the year too. I find it really helps me to visualise and motivate myself, then I print them out and still them on my wall of the sewing room too. That way I can ‘tick them off’ as I complete them which is a satifying feeling.

  6. oh, photoshop tutorial, please! I have been wanting to know how to take a line drawing and fill it with color or a fabric image for ages! I just subscribed to your bog, so I will keep a look out.

  7. Way to make the kid squirm and brand her for life, Teach. What a jerk! I found out at Ed School there are teachers who couldn’t care less about grammar, punctuation, clarity, you-name-it, as long as it’s “creAtive.”

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