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Simplicity 2444

Pattern: Simplicity 2444

Fabric: Cotton Sateen print from Eliott Berman, around 2.25 yards

Notes: If you want to see the dress in motion (and hear what I sound like with a cold!) there is a little video review embedded at the end of this post.  I’m pleased with how this dress came out – it’s exactly the style I pictured for this fabric when I bought it!  The illustration on the pattern envelope isn’t very inspiring, but I could tell from the line drawings (and the wonderful versions made by other sewers) that it would be nice.    I ended up cutting a size 8 in the shoulders and a 10 everywhere else.  The pattern runs a bit shortwaisted, and if you know your waist is lower I would check that measurement carefully!  There is a little extra room in the upper chest – I saw a few other reviewers who mentioned the same issue, so I suspect it’s an issue with the pattern (as I don’t usually have extra room there.)

I considered making the versions with the sleeves, but I wasn’t really happy with them – they were running a bit big on me, so I left them off.  I made a few minor alterations.  I didn’t include the neckline facings at all – the collar is interfaced and sewn directly to the dress.  Honestly, I don’t think the facings are necessary with this collar – when I sewed them on they rippled all over the place (there is a fair bit of easing around curves required to get this collar on – go slowly!)  It’s not like anyone is looking down my collar anyway, so I just serged the collar seam allowances and tacked them down by stitching in the ditch at the shoulder seams.

I did not shorten the dress – it’s pretty much exactly knee length on me (I’m about 5’8″.)  I really like this pattern, and I’d be interested in giving the version with the cape collar a go – I have a cherry printed swiss dot that might be really cute for summer!  I sewed the hem using the method I posted the other day.

I recently realized that my camera does video, so I taped a tiny little review so that you can get an idea of what the dress looks like in motion.  I’ve seen a few others do that, and it was very helpful.  As it turns out, I’m fine in front of an audience, but a camera is really intimidating – watch the part where I give the wrong pattern number, oops!

19 thoughts on “Simplicity 2444

  1. I use facing very rarely if there is a collar, but in my case, this is only because I am lazy 😉

    Great dress, and you had an eye to pair up fabric and pattern!

  2. Very cute! I like that you show the motion of the dress….it’s can be so disappointing to make something new, only to discover that it doesn’t move well!

  3. Wowzers. I never really thought how much better it is to be able to see the dress in video. It suits you wonderfully. Just a thought, considering your next dress
    – all little ( and some of us bigger ) girls want to know how it swirls!

  4. Super cute! I love it! This is the dress I dream of spending every day in, flitting around with my feather duster and cooking a 4 course dinner. No laundry or heavy cleaning in my dreams.

  5. I love the cut of this dress! It’s only the second week of January and you’ve already been making really beautiful dresses. Man you’re productive:)

  6. I really, really like this dress. The print is interesting and the design is classic. Very nice. I haven’t posted a comment in quite a while, but I do keep up on your sewing projects and knitting (haven’t seen that in ages!). It is so nice to know there are others out there who have an interest and passion for needlework:)

  7. Gorgeous fabric! I’m just about to start making this dress and hope it comes out as nicely as this! I’m a novice sewer at best, just finishing up on my first blouse, and I picked this because it looks fairly simple and is pretty much the dress shape of my dreams- wish me luck!

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