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In a 70s sort of mood…

I go through phases with my clothing.  Sometimes I cannot live without my full-skirted 50s dresses.  Other times I am attracted to the mod 60s (though they are not, it must be said, super great for my body type.)  Right now?  I’m having a minor obsession with some Studio 54 inspired 70s fashion.  It was sparked when I purchased this dress at a thrift store last month:




This dress has zero hanger appeal, but I had returned a dress that had major holes, and my thrift insists on an exchange rather than a refund.  With 15 minutes to store close I grabbed this dress, which had the advantage of being actual vintage.  I figured that if I didn’t like it, I could unload it to someone else who would.  To my surprise, this dress is really flattering, even at the just below the knee length!  I’ve always avoided these sorts of drapey frocks, but now I seem to have a whole new category of dresses to lust after!  To that end, I’ve bought this pattern on ebay:

Some DVF dress patterns can go for up to $100 (the famous wrap dress.)  This one?  Five dollars.  Apparently I am the only one wanting to revive this moment in fashion history!  The pattern calls for draped fabrics – challis, double georgette, crepe etc, or single knits.  I have a ton of knits, so I might try that  – either a matte jersey or an ITY.

It amuses me to look at old photos and realize that pantyhose with sandals used to be totally acceptable!  And, come to think of it, I haven’t owned a pair of regular pantyhose in at least 10 years – crazy!