Outfit: Dotty

Sweater: Rachel Roy ($15)

Belt: Forever 21 ($5)

Skirt: White House Black Market (thrifted) ($3)

Tights: Merona ($5)

Boots: Impo

Outfit Total: $28 (Shoes don’t count in my totals, because they get worn so often… these were only $40 anyway.)

I’m going to start tallying up the cost of my outfits, with the goal of showing that you can be chic and still thrifty!

A cheerful outfit for my first day back at work after the holidays!  I love this sweater, which I bought on clearance after Christmas.  I’d never heard of Rachel Roy before she was a guest judge on Project Runway this year, but I bought several of her items on clearance at Macy’s this year – I quite like them!  This skirt is one of my recent thrift store aquisitions.  I love finding things from White House  Black Market, because I generally love their clothes, but I think they are way overpriced.  They seem to turn up unworn at the thrift store pretty often for some reason (this one still had the $80 tag on it, and I paid $3!)

I went to Hobby Lobby this afternoon to buy the new Simplicity patterns.  For anyone who wants the patterns I showed earlier this week, they have them on sale for 99 cents all week, and mine had the new catalog.  I don’t think I’ve ever bought patterns at Hobby Lobby before, probably because their entire fabric section is so sad that I forget it exists!  Simplicity 2262 (new for Spring, still not on the website) has a cardigan pattern that is very similar to the one I’m wearing today!

8 thoughts on “Outfit: Dotty

  1. Very cute!!! I had said that I was going to start posting my outfits, and I did for a couple of times, but then I fell off the wagon. I plan to start back when I go back to work.

  2. As always, the outfit is fantastic. How do you manage to remember what you paid for everything? Guess that comes with being much younger, with not as much to clutter up the brain! I really enjoy seeing all your clever outfits.

  3. Great skirt! And your toile for Simplicity 2444 is looking very good – I can’t wait to see the final version – I’ve put that pattern on my ‘must buy’ list.

  4. Adorable outfit! What thrift store could u be shopping at to see white house black market items? How great!! I was waiting for simplicity patterns to go on sale! Thanks for the tip!

  5. I think they turn up unworn because that’s how the store gets rid of their overstock. There is a White House/Black Market outlet near me, so I shop there quite often. The outlet has great prices, usually 75% off, but what they don’t sell goes to thrift shops.

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