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2010: year in sewing


Above: a year’s worth of sewing projects (plus about a million views of that blue wall!)  I think the wall may be the true star of the blog – you would not believe how many requests I have gotten for the paint color (it’s Sapphire from Ellen Kennon paints, a semi-expensive line of full spectrum paints that are totally worth the money – look how different it appears in different lights!)

It’s fun to see what colors I gravitate towards – I like blue the most, followed by emerald green (there would be more green if I could find good green fabrics!)  I wear a lot of black, gray, and navy, but almost no brown at all… funny, since I used to own a ton of brown clothing!  I like to mix in a shot of red or magenta to brighten up the neutrals.  I find that my homemade closet coordinates together very well!

A year and a half ago I decided to take up sewing on a whim.  A year ago I made my first skirt (Collette patterns’ Beignet) and I haven’t stopped sewing since!  I am so grateful to have found sewing – my tendinitis will no longer allow me to knit or crochet very much, but I can sew with almost no problem.  I actually didn’t realize how bad my wrists were until I stopped – amazingly enough, I can now lean on my arm without pain, something I couldn’t do for years.  My endurance on the piano is also far greater.   I do miss knitting (and especially crochet for some reason) and would like to take up some projects… if I can force myself to not obsess about finishing things and take it slowly, something that isn’t easy for someone who could be called obsessive (I say focused, but obsessive is pretty close!)

2010 has been a great year – thank goodness, since the year before was… not so good.  I’m at a good place in my personal and professional life.  I finally feel as though (for the most part) the face I present to the world is who I really am.  As someone who has always suffered from chronic shyness and self-doubt, that’s a pretty big deal!  I’m not apologizing for who I am, and I find that (for the most part) other people seem to appreciate that.   I have made new friends, and reconnected with old ones.  I do not think I would like to go back to my 20s.  I have friends who are sad for being over 30, but it makes me sad that they cannot see how beautiful they are now!

My sewing skills have grown tremendously – I’ve even conquered sewing knits, which I was afraid of for quite awhile!  I combined my passion for thrifting with my passion for sewing to continue with my goal (and 2010 resolution) of finding my own personal style.  Last summer I started taking photos of what I’m wearing – not every day, but most weekdays.  After Self-stitched September (which was a trans-formative experience in itself!) I’ve kept it up – and in the process I’ve finally discovered what styles I like.  It’s an ongoing process, but posting the photos here and to great flickr communities like Wardrobe Remix has been fun!

So… happy new year to all my readers!  I am (as always) so very grateful that you read my ramblings.  In August I will have been blogging for five years, if you can believe it!  The blog has morphed along the way, and I thank those of you who have stuck with me, and welcome new readers.  As always… happy sewing, knitting, thrifting, or whatever makes you fulfilled in the new year!