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A new dress for the holidays (Vogue 8685)


In the photo:

Dress: Vogue 8685 in Red Ponte knit

Scarf: Made by me, no pattern

Jacket: Ann Taylor, thrifted

Tights: H&M

Shoes: Impo

I find myself unable to resist the lure of red and green come Christmas time.  This year’s dress was made using Vogue 8685 and a red ponte knit from Mood.  I felt very festive!

The dress pattern was very well drafted – all the pieces fit together nicely, and the instructions were very clear.  Having said that, I have a few minor quibbles.  First of all, the pattern calls for sewing on the binding, then flipping it to the inside and sewing it down.  There’s no way on this knit – and this isn’t even a heavy ponte!  I left the neckline turned to the outside, and on the armholes I just whipstitched the edges to the finished bodice edges (it makes more sense if you can see the pattern.)

There was also an issue with the skirt – due to the shape of the yoke, it was necessary to trim over 2 inches on the sides.  Definitely let the skirt hang before hemming – you will have to fix that.  I think this is the first time I’ve ever had a skirt require real reshaping!  I used the hem marker on my dressform for the first time.

I do like this dress, but I have one comment about it – I’m really not convinced that the shape of the bottom yoke is all that flattering.  I picked the best photo for my vanity, but it has a tendency to emphasize any imbalance in your figure.  Great for hourglasses, but be careful if you have another shape.  I prefer a dress that flares out right away – this is almost a dropped waist.

The scarf was super easy – I made several for Christmas presents!  It’s basically just a length of fabric cut 22″ by 2yards, sewn into a tube, turned, and closed by hand.  Very easy, and well received this year.

I hope everyone who celebrates had a lovely holiday.  We spent Christmas in Cincinnati with my husband’s parents.  I cantored mass at a lovely old Catholic church (one of my best friends is the minister of music and worship there.)

My love of old things extends to old churches.  Last week my chamber choir gave their advent concert in a beautiful old downtown church in Louisville, and this week I got to sing in this one.  I always enjoy seeing all the detail in the old designs – churches now feel so sterile to me!

I have some fun year end posts planned.  I’ve also done some shopping at the year end fabric sales – I’m already starting to plan my spring sewing (this is normal for me – after Christmas I start to get very weary of winter.  Here’s hoping for an early spring!)

Season’s greetings to you all (photo of Marc and I, overlooking the Cincinnati skyline on Christmas eve after mass.)


20 thoughts on “A new dress for the holidays (Vogue 8685)

  1. I love it! And thank you for the honesty regarding the trouble and the shape. I had this very thought today when someone else posted their straight skirt one. Dangerous zone, indeed!

  2. Your red dress does look flattering in your photos. What a festive color and style. I really like the tights and boots with it. I agree, older churches sure do have a warmth to them that a lot of newer buildings lack.

  3. It already looked great on the dress form, and it looks really good on you too (even when your vanity makes you pick the good views). I have seen a few bloggers giving this pattern a try and it makes me want to do it now!

  4. I love the dress, but maybe you should try it next time with a straight skirt substitution. Beautiful church, we go to an old church that was recently restored, we went to one in Houston as well. “New” churches, esp post Vatican II, are sometimes just weird looking.

  5. I’m still a fan. Just realizing how you sign-off DIY/thrifted fashions on your photostream, which makes a lot of sense these days (post-crash). I’ve pulled out a blazer from early 90’s (big shoulders) and shirt (tulip-shape) and older sweaters w/ 90’s shape & just said, ‘what the heck!’ I like the colors (I seem to dress mainly for color now: tie is all together w/ a smashing sharf), and it’s a new outfit. So, I find all your innovative combinations very liberating! Thanks & Happy New Year! (Nice dress – I see what you mean about the bodice. It’s quite feminine…., still nice.)

  6. Merry Christmas! I love looking at your knit dresses – I still haven’t gotten the courage up to make one yet.

    What a beautiful church! I grew up in a small town with an absolutely stunning Catholic Church right in the centre. I always feel at home when I’m near a magnificent church (crazy, hey?)

  7. You look beautiful in that dress! Its well made and the curves are very flattering.

    If I may, I’d like to suggest that you wear a different jacket with the dress. The one in the picture looks very boxy, and it hides the fantastic curvature of the dress. It also hides your waist, which is enviably tiny.

    I actually think the yoke is very flattering. But if you like empire dresses, and other dress shapes that flare out right away, then showing off your hips the way this dress does is probably taking you out of your comfort zone. In my opinion, hips and a tiny waist are very va va va voom. And, you’re wearing red? I think you’re channeling Marilyn Monroe.

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