The rest of what I wore this week

The rest of my outfits this week – let’s go backwards in time!


Cardigan: Jalie pleated cardigan

Tunic: Maggy London

Jeggings: Charlotte Russe

Boots: Impo

First time wearing my jeggings out of the house!  I must have tried on 30 pair before deciding on these.  They are very comfortable, and they fixed the issue I had with every other pair – if they fit in the hips, the legs were too big for my skinny calves.  I seem to be pear shaped only on the top of my legs – even when I weighed 15 lbs more than I do now, I still had very skinny legs.   These are probably teenager sized, which is why they work.  The tunic is actually the dress I thrifted and showed a few weeks ago.  See how nicely a petite dress works as a tunic?  I do this pretty often.

It’s my friend’s 30th birthday, and we’re all going to the Cheesecake factory, and then for bowling and karaoke (well, I will not be bowling, because it hurts my hands, but I will be watching!)


Dress: Thrifted (from the 90s perhaps?)

Leggings: Forever 21

Boots: Kensie Girl

I really love this dress, even if the pattern is a bit wild!  And yes, I am wearing it with crazy leggings, because they were the only ones clean, and it was cold outside!


Cardigan: Knitted by me (Veronik Avery design from Vogue knitting.)

Dress: Vogue 1023

Boots: Target

Running errands.  I went back and shortened this dress again, because it grew on the hanger.  The hem may be a bit uneven now, but I’m not sure I care that much.  I love this sweater!  Now that I’m hardly wearing pants, I find my sweaters difficult to wear – I have so many that I made to wear with jeans, and the silhouettes and lengths don’t work nearly as well with dresses.  But I’m trying to wear them!

7 thoughts on “The rest of what I wore this week

  1. I hope you have a book in the making. I am writing a book about living with inherited depression and have gotten some positive feedback. I think you could write one with all the experience that you have acquired over your years of trial and error, touch and go, etc. I know that I would buy it. And you look good no matter what you put on. You have a natural knack for fashion. 2 Thumbs up!

  2. I, too, think you have a knack for fashion. Something I find myself lacking. I tend to enjoy dressing for comfort and seldom have the need to dress up. I do enjoy your blog daily. I have been following for, perhaps, a year. I must admit that I must have missed most of your knitting (although, I certainly love the sewing). You mention that you have lots of sweaters that you have knit. Maybe, you could give us, new(er) comers, a fashion show of your knits. Thanks for all of your work with this blog. I look forward to it.

  3. I find your blog oddly comforting. Something as simple & basic as getting dressed, approached with care & artistry: it’s comforting to see you struggle, create, succeed, dare & imagine. I spoke to my stepdaughter & she’s willing to give me the reddish-orange Liz Claiborne (not Talbot’s, as you had) ‘military-style’ shirtdress, for me to alter. I just altered my 1st blouse. It was a beautiful maroon, textured, tunic-style, silk blouse & I cropped it, narrowed the sides, & made it a comfortable overblouse. With maroon tights, a black pencil skirt & little booty-shoes, I think I’ll look nice & professional tomorrow. I’ll try to taper another blouse later in the week. You say you take out the sleeves and narrow the armhole, to update these blousey-blouses? I’ll try that (& re-read you response to inquiry a few days ago.) Bravo! Keep sewing & thrifting & blogging!

    1. I’m so glad my blog is inspiring you! Your blouse (and whole outfit) sound lovely – isn’t it wonderful to take something old and make it work again? I know I’ve been enjoying it lately!


  4. You knit the sweater?! Holy cats–it’s beautiful!

    I guess I will put the Jalie pleated cardigan on my wishlist too. It’s a great style on you.

    On the subject of thrifting, do you thrift most of your belts?

    1. Thank you – it’s one of my favorites! I haven’t actually thrifted many belts. I certainly would, but I have a strong preference for the elastic backed belts, which are harder to find. Not to mention that elastic breaks down over time, so they are rarely in great shape by the time they make it to a thrift! My favorite source of cheap belts is Forever 21 – the belts I wear the most often (the wide black ones) come from there and were only 6 dollars. I actually bought 3 of them because I loved them so much!

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