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11-25-2010: Jalie Pleated cardigan

Pattern: Jalie Pleated Cardigan

Fabric: Rayon burnout jersey from, 2 yards

Top: Ann Taylor (thrifted)

Shorts: Charlotte Russe

Tights: Forever 21

Boots: Alfani

Black is notoriously hard to photograph, but I did my best here!  I have been meaning to make this cardigan since I first saw it.  I’m a big fan of the current trend for big drapey cardigans.  I usually wear them with a big belt, but this one actually looks pretty good open too.  I have no beef with this pattern – it was well drafted and went together easily.  The pleats are more like tucks, and a little annoying to sew, but that’s the only fiddly bit.  I made a size R, but cut it to the longest length.  I did not hem the sleeves or bottom (the pattern says to sew the collar on, stopping 2 inches shy of the bottom for the hem, but I had no trouble getting it to fit this way.  The sleeves are very long, which I really like.  I have super long arms, and sleeves are perpetually short on me.

I love the burnout pattern, described as a “spirograph print” on the website.  Having said that, it was a huge pain to work with.  My machine kept eating the edges, and my serger didn’t really love it either.  I have another 2 yards in the burnout white zebra, and I think it’s destined for a circle scarf rather than a garment.

I’m wearing this outfit to my family Thanksgiving.  My Mom had serious objections to these shorts when I bought them the other day, and I want to show her that winter shorts work!  I did probably buy them a size too big – I had just bought a size 8 jegging at the same store, so I figured going down one size, to a 6, would be good, but apparently not.  I really hate crazy retail sizing.  I have been seeing these all over, and I have to say that I love the look – it’s easier to wear than a skirt, and shows off more of my fabulous argyle tights (I would never wear a skirt this short!)

I suspect these shorts (and the matching brown plaid pair) will be turning up a lot this winter – so much more comfortable that pants for me!  And as for the cardigan – I totally recommend the pattern, and I want to make it again and again (just not in this fabric!)


7 thoughts on “11-25-2010: Jalie Pleated cardigan

  1. I love the shorts, and the length. I too would not wear a skirt that short but shorts are acceptable! And I wish I could lay my hands on some of those tights too; mind you we are heading for summer here…..

  2. LOVE those argyle tights on you! Everything else, of course is absolutely wonderful also, but those tights… (I’m just jealous, because I’m too old to wear such things anymore.)

  3. Looks great! I love the shorts and tights look on you, especially with the cool argyle print.
    The great part is that no one knows what a pain it was to sew (except us readers), they just see your awesome finished cardigan 🙂

  4. Cute outfit. So nice you were able to make the fabric work. The cardigan is great. I must get this pattern made. I look at it often, but haven’t put it in the queue yet. Thanks for the inspiration.

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