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November 15th: A lumberjack PJ party

Dress: Simplicity 2443

Flannel shirt: Aerie

Tights: Hot Sox

Boots: Alfani

Belt: Forever 21

I was in high school during the grunge era, and I thought I had seen as much plaid flannel as I ever wanted to see in my life.  Yesterday I was at TJ Maax buying tights (they have some great patterned tights right now) when I found this plaid pajama top on clearance.  For $5 I thought I could make it work as a regular top, and I was right!  I was going to try it as a tunic, but it’s not quite long enough – and it doesn’t really fit my hips either, so it’s best either unbuttoned (as above) or tucked in (so I can leave the last button undone.)  I rolled up the sleeves to give it a more casual look.

To my surprise I really like this look!  The ruffles make it different from the plaid of my youth, and the green is my absolute favorite color (I had my hair colored this weekend, so I’m wearing colors that really go with the red while it’s bright.)  My husband is a few years older than me, making him college age during the flannel era 90s, and he really liked this look on me.  He suggested I needed some Doc Martens, but I told him I’d leave those to him.

I bought some buffalo plaid poplin from, and I’m planning to use it to make a tunic similar to this (minus the ruffles but with a drawstring waist… I have both a McCall and Simplicity pattern that would suit.)  The dress I’m wearing above is a lot more versatile than I thought – it works like this, and I’m also thinking of wearing it with a blouse underneath like a jumper.  I need to resew the hem – it came loose the last time I washed the dress.

So I’m definitely back on the plaid bandwagon, and you should expect a great many plaid projects and outfits this winter!