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My coat collection has reached critical mass

Coat: Merona

Dress: Simplicity 2360, blogged here

Belt: Forever 21

Tights: Hue

Boots: Target

Worn: To take my Mom out for her birthday brunch at the Seelbach hotel Oak Room.

If you’re ever in Louisville on a Sunday, I highly recommend the brunch at the Seelbach hotel.  The Seelbach is a lovely historic hotel (famous for being mentioned in The Great Gatsby.) Cheap it is not, but the brunch is totally worth it!   My Mom had never been (I’ve been lots of times with my classical music friends,) so I wanted to take her for her 55th birthday.

I’ve decided I should make a second of these dresses – I really just love this one, and I always get positive comments.  I’m planning an order from fashion fabrics club, so I’ll try to get something that will work.  This one is a peachskin, and any drapey (but not too light) fabric will work.  I’m thinking of trying it with a long sleeve shirt under it soon, so that I can extend the season.

Marc went to a scrabble tournament out of town yesterday(yes, he does play competitive Scrabble,) so to entertain myself I hit the thrift stores and Target.  At Target I was able to fulfill two of the items on my “must have” list for Fall (I do have this list, but I’m cheap enough that it takes me forever to finish it off!)  I have wanted a faux leopard jacket for ages and ages, but the price of the true vintage ones put me off, not to mention the trouble I have getting vintage jackets to fit.  This coat was on clearance for only $20, so that’s something to check out if you’ve also been wanting one!  It’s nice and soft, with a good quality lining and buttons.  The only thing I would say as a criticism is that it doesn’t have any pockets.  I spent all morning wanting to jam my hands in my pockets to no avail – I guess it’s time to buy some gloves!

I got the Mossimo boots at Target as well.  I have been wanting a pair of brown boots, as well as some scrunch-type boots, and these fill both.  I had to go down 2 sizes (to a size 7) to get them to fit – maybe it’s because I don’t wear thick socks with boots.  I’d link to them, but they don’t seem to be on the Target website yet.

I had a pretty good day thrifting – I got some skirts to size down and shorten, and a long J.Jill jacket that will be great over dresses.  But what I’m really excited about?  This coat!

It’s a size small, wool boucle trench coat from the Gap.  I’ve been wanting to join the trench trend, but I’ll be honest – camel doesn’t suit me, and I’m not the biggest on waist ties.  This was I can do it for five dollars, so if I end up hating it there’s no real loss.  I have a ridiculously large coat collection, especially considering I’ve only worn a coat maybe 3 times so far this year.  I can’t wait for it to get colder so I can work in this one.  In the meantime, it’s living in my freezer for a bit just in case (I can’t wash it the way I did everything else, but I’m not due to the drycleaners for awhile… I’m not really paranoid, but better safe than sorry.)

I’ve been working on my dress – the instructions are of the type that frustrate me, a lot of matching squares and circles.  Hopefully it turns out nicely, and I’ll have a report soon!