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Friday randomness

You know what they say – best laid plans and all!  I am once again working on something not in my November plans.  In my defense, my black knit was back-ordered and canceled, and I’m waiting on my corduroy (UPS says it is “out for delivery,”) which in my experience means it won’t turn up til 7 pm tonight… I think we must be the last stop on the UPS guy’s route.

This is some sort of matte charmeuse satin, polyester of course, but I’m wanting to test this dress in an inexpensive fabric before committing to silk:

This is a Cynthia Steffe design from the winter Vogue patterns.  It doesn’t look too complicated, but I want to see how the back looks on me.  I may end up raising it, but I am not sure yet.

Butterick released their winter patterns this week.  Since, as I mentioned yesterday, they are back in my good graces, I’m glad to find several “must sew” dresses.  Here are my picks:

I like both these Maggy London dresses.  The tucks on the ponte dress (on the right) are really interesting.   Love the full skirt and high waist of the second dress!

New retro patterns!  The dress on the left is a great full-skirted holiday dress (calls for shantung, taffeta etc…  I imagine it in silk taffeta!)  I would shorten the skirt.  The dress on the right it very cute, but I would lower the front neckline to mirror the back.  They’ve made it up on the site, and it’s one of those vintage styles where the neckline looks oddly proportioned (too high for a square neck) to modern eyes.  I don’t look good in that sort of neck, it needs to be just an inch or two deeper.

Finally, I like these two cutting line patterns, which I would make in between tunic and dress length, and wear them with leggings (I find that if you are a little pear shaped you need to keep tunics longer, so they don’t cut you off at your widest part.)  And look at this skirt – very Anthropologie-esque, yes?  I love the tucks, but I wish they had made it up so I could see it!

I also like the other new ponte dress (colorblocked for a slimming effect),) and there is a cute jacket (though not my favorite ever… and I do like to thrift jackets.)  Overall it’s a very strong collection, and I will be picking these up when they go on sale.

Today I am having dinner with my in-laws (MIL is in town for a conference) and getting my hair colored (finally!) Hopefully I can fit in some sewing!

6 thoughts on “Friday randomness

  1. When I saw the Cynthia Steffe picture, I went “aaaaw”! Because I have ordered it too, and I have the fabric and everything for it!
    You are the first blogger I see that is going to go for it and I am really curious to see the result before I get cracking…

  2. I just saw that Joann is having another Butterick sale next weekend. I’ll have to look at the catalog before then; you’ve highlighted some great patterns!

  3. I love reading your blog. It inspired me to hunt down vintage patterns !! I now have some listed on e-bay…
    If you ever see one you want, just contact me and I’ll send you a ‘buy it now’ link so you don’t have to wait for an auction to end 🙂
    I have tons to list…let me know if you are looking for a certain pattern !!

  4. I hadn’t seen those new retro patterns – very nice! I’ll have to add those to my list the next time I’m in Joanns, and Buttericks are on sale.

    Love the blue dress (the first image) too. Are those simply large darts and folds, or is there some other technique there?

  5. I’ve made the Cynthia Steffe design and love it. I haven’t had a chance to review it yet but I can still wear a bra with it, it’s a low wrap bra though. The dress IS short. “IF” I was to make this one again, I’d def add some length to it.

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