What I wore Wednesday

The weather this week has been completely schizophrenic – freezing cold last Thursday, and in the 70s today.  I’m never quite sure how to dress for transitional weather, but I’m not really looking forward to really cold temperatures.  Here are my outfits from this week (minus the weekend.)

My favorite outfit this week is Wednesday’s, and my least favorite is Monday.

Dress: Vogue 8663

Belt: Forever 21

Shoes: Sofft

For some reason I didn’t like this dress with a belt when I first finished it, but now I think it works well.  This dress definitely requires a slip – the knit is quite thin!  I hate these tights, and after seeing the photo I threw them out (see how they stretch out only on the calves?)  I always fall in between sizes in tights – too tall for a small, but my legs are too skinny for the size up.  These are a small, and I’ve decided that it would be better to size up and deal with baggy ankles.  Besides, nothing feels worse than too short tights.


Dress: Simplicity Jumper, finished this week

Shirt: old, no tag

Boots: Alfani

You’ve already seen this, but I’ll put it up again.  I don’t think I like this shirt paired with the jumper – the neckline is ok, but it’s a bit much.  I really only wore it because all my shirts are v-necks, which fight with the jumper neckline.  That’s something I like about taking outfit photos – you can sometimes realize something doesn’t work before you wear it again!


Sweater: Express, thrifted, based on the label from the late 1990s

Ponte knit pants: thrifted

Boots: Alfani

I give up… the 80s are back, and it’s no good fighting it.  At least the oversized fashions are comfortable – really, who can argue with knit pants?  In theory these are not leggings, since they have a working fly, but they might as well be.  I’m not sure that I get knit pants.  What are you supposed to wear them with?  I treat them like leggings and try not to wear anything too short over them (this sweater barely qualifies.)  And I feel like they need boots to even out the silhouette on me.  But I will say – they are comfortable!  This is about as casual as I get.  I don’t think the sweater looks great in the photo, but I liked it in person, and got several compliments on it when we went out to the Irish pub.  Even if it is brown (I don’t wear brown… but this is a cool brown at least.)


Jacket: Vintage

Dress: Colette Rooibos

Boots: Unisa

I like this picture for some reason – I think I look like I mean business!  Anyway, today is a schizo weather day – it’s warmer than I think it should be.  I’m wearing the vintage (from the 60s) jacket as my coat.  This coat was a Goodwill find last week, and I had it drycleaned.  It’s actually a little big and quite boxy.  I did some ghetto altering by pinning back the lapels for a more open shape – much better in my opinion.  It could still be smaller, but I’m not altering it – I’m treating it more as a coat anyway.  I think this look is kind of 60s, but not too literal.  I still love this dress – one of my favorites!  It is short, but I’m getting more comfortable with that.

I’m getting my hair cut on Friday, which will be nice since I have to be careful how I wear it right now – my natural haircolor is several shades lighter, and when the roots come in it looks really strange to me.  I’m thinking of a different haircut, but I’m not sure… but nothing short, since I like to curl my hair!

This coming week I have a ton of social obligations, so I’m thinking about what I will have to wear.  Tomorrow I should have photos of a new dress for you!

5 thoughts on “What I wore Wednesday

  1. My favorite is Tuesday’s outfit, but it’s pretty close with Wednesday’s. 🙂 I just really like that sweater on you I guess. The pants/leggings sound interesting…

  2. I enjoy this “What I wore Wednesday” concept. I wish I had the patience to do it for my own blog.
    A few posts ago you asked for suggestions about good tights, and I forgot to post my comment. I really like E.G. Smith tights. They are cotton/supplex nylon/lycra, and amazingly comfortable. They are one-size, believe it or not. I’m relatively petite at 5’4″ so they fit with a very opaque look but they never bag. They come in both footless and with-feet. They are very opaque but not too warm because they aren’t that thick.

  3. You always look great! It’s true!

    I know what you mean about the hair colour thing. I’m a blonde who finally went red, but the roots always made me look like I had grey so I’ve gone back to blonde. I just couldn’t afford to maintain the roots.

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