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A new jumper: Simplicity 2848

Pattern: Simplicity 2848 (pleated jumper)

Fabric: Sophia doubleknit from, 2 yards

Top: really, really old… and for some reason my husband’s favorite on me!

Notes: I have been entering my entire pattern collection into Evernote, and while going through my box of Simplicity patterns I came across this jumper.  I must have bought it when I first started out, and then put it away after I realized that the straight version doesn’t appeal to me at all (I don’t care for the front slit or the odd pockets.)  This time I noticed the other photographed jumper – and suddenly I knew what to make with my gray sophia knit!  Admittedly, I showed a definite lack of originality, since I used the same fabric and color in the photo, but that’s ok.

The pieces for this jumper are almost entirely different from the other versions – they only share the yoke piece.  I was a little scared of the fact that the finished measurements claimed a 41″ bust, but I figured the pleats would eat that up and I was right.  I made a size 6 in the yoke and bust, blending to an 8 over the hips..  I made a few changes.  First of all, no zipper since I used a knit.  I also changed the lining into a self fabric facing.  This worked fine, but if I were to make it again I would use a different treatment for the armhole facings – they are pretty thick!  I shortened the dress by 3 inches… and I’m not short, so it seems to run a bit longer than the photos would indicate.

This is the first of two dresses I made of this fabric recently… the other (which is teal!) I will show you in a few days.  It was lovely to work with, and it’s very soft and fairly lightweight for a doubleknit.  I’d highly recommend it.  You can find it lots of places, just look for the label “Sophia knit.”  I am really happy that I’m seeing doubleknit and ponte dresses everywhere this season – I love working with the fabric, and I feel like I’m in style (and honestly, the price of a simple, unlined ponte dress shocks me!)

This pattern is highly recommended as well, though I confess that the directions jump around a lot, even for a Project Runway pattern.  I didn’t use them, so it didn’t bother me.  I’m not sure how this would work in a woven, but it’s perfect for doubleknit.  It’s a versatile piece (or at least it will be once I scare up some more tops that work under it!)

14 thoughts on “A new jumper: Simplicity 2848

  1. Super cute! I never looked twice at that jumper but love it in the knit. I also have bought some of that Sophia knit, but have yet to make anything with it. Glad to hear it’s so nice to work with.

  2. I recently bought a wool knit fabric and was thinking of using this pattern (which I’ve had in my stash for a while). It will be my first time working with knits, so I’m a bit nervous. Your jumper looks great!

  3. I just started reading your blog – and I’ve been wanting a pattern like this for a while, so bingo! Thanks for all the helpful tips, and it looks lovely on you 🙂

  4. I second the super cute! Jumpers are so great as layering pieces, and this one is nicely fitted – not something one can find so easily in off-the-rack knit dresses.

  5. So excited that you did this. I bought this pattern a month ago and have been drooling over it ever since. Did you leave out the pockets? That’s kind of why I loved this pattern because the jumpers we have been making don’t have any and I’m big on pockets.

  6. Very nice. I can see this being an extremely useful basic in any wardrobe. I have a piece of Sophia knit I am anxious to try to. It is a heathered orange/coral color, so may wait till spring!

  7. Lovely! I’m seeing a lot of doubleknit dresses these days and this version is really cute on you. Look forward to seeing the other doubleknit dress!

  8. ha! I just bought that dress pattern! glad to see it sews up nicely since a) they are models and b) there are drawings on the packet. Of course i’m a fair bit larger than you are all round, but still think it will be super cute! just need a fabric for that one!

  9. How funny I am working on that same pattern right now. I’m finding it a bit large in the arm holes and body. I’m trying to figure out now how to fix that. I am also going to turn the pleat into a straight top. In the fabric I am using (a woven) it is making an odd poof at and under the bust that is highly UNattractive. Although the pleat looks to work better in the knit.

  10. HI Jessica, this is a bit of a random question, I have this pattern but have lost the 2nd page of instructions which start with instruction no. 12. Is there any way you could photograph this page front and back and send it to me?? have every thing cut out and ready to go!
    Thanks, Jacinta

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