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November Plans pt 2: retail inspiration

Back with more!  After the obligation sewing I do have some  fun plans.

First up: outerwear

I know I said I was going to do the Lady Grey sewalong, but as you can obviously tell by the lack of padstitching going on around here, I’m not.  I have about 8 million winter coats (only a slight exaggeration!) and at last count 6 vintage stores within 4 blocks to keep me in the vintage overcoats that I love so much.  But you know what I don’t have?  If you were thinking “a cape!” then you got it in one.  Yes… a cape.  I know, I know, it’s a horribly impractical garment, but I’m seeing them everywhere and I want one!  I’m settled on this pattern:

I’ve never used a New Look pattern before, so it will be a new experience for me.  My inspiration was this capelet from Anthropologie this year (which I can’t find on the website right now… must be sold out.)

Two things though… this could properly be called a capelet.  I own 2 capelets, neither one of which I wear.  It’s silly – the sleeves are too short for outside, but it’s too much like a coat for indoors!  So I will be making the long version (the modeled photo,) which is an actual cape.  I would love plaid, but I haven’t found a great plaid fabric yet, so it may be a lovely solid instead.  The belt is a great idea – it keeps the cape from being too shapeless.  I’m imagining that this will be lovely to wear on my walks around the neighborhood!

Also from Anthro this fall, a basic shirtdress made of fine corduroy.  For some reason this idea really appeals to me!  I’m still considering fabric, but my version is like to be navy cord (the dress also comes in navy, but the red shows the details better!)  I’m still looking for a pattern.  Does anyone have a favorite shirtdress pattern to recommend?

This dress is from Modcloth, and the lookalike pattern is Vogue 8280, the Mouret Galaxy dress knockoff.  I will probably do short sleeves.  I’ve never seen anyone make this version, so hopefully there’s nothing wrong with it!  No fabric yet… and probably not this month, but if I don’t get it down here I’ll forget to make the dress!

Now all I have to do is make time to sew – not likely before Friday with my midweek schedule!

18 thoughts on “November Plans pt 2: retail inspiration

  1. Oh, my best friend and I have had countless cape conversations! I’ve even tried one on. We walked around London the other weekend, looking at other women going, ‘Cape, cape, cape…’ So many people were wearing one! They call to me, but I think it takes a certain character to pull one off. And yes, they’re impractical (where do you put your handbag?) and they’ll date horribly quickly. But, oh but… They’re still calling to me. I can’t wait to see your version. I agree that the belt is an extremely good idea to add some definition. When I tried a very expensive camel cape on I just felt as though I was trapped inside a large, unflattering brown bag! But I’m sure there’s a cape out there for everyone.

  2. I once succumbed to the cape idea. It was rather large and shapeless, though very warm. Not too comfortable for getting in and out of the car. That cape became a jacket, because I couldn’t bear to get rid of so much fabric that I loved. Your choice, on the other hand looks infinitely more wearable.

    Have a look at Vogue 8028 for your shirt dress. Similar cut to the red one that you’re showing.

  3. Capes haven’t really appealed to me until I saw your An-throspiration! The belt makes it work.

    Also, the mod cloth dress – I love the vogue pattern you chose – also the Colette Oolong dress is a dead ringer in the bodice area – with the rushing and the seaming under the bust – the rest is a bit different with a bias cut and different seaming (and no pleating at the bottom, but easy to add!) Can’t wait to see it! Love the modcloth dress!

  4. There is also a cape pattern in the Sew Everything Workshop book. I wonder if anyone reading this has made that one?

    By the way I have the navy corduroy Anthro dress and I really love it! My sewing skills are not up to making such a dress so I had to purchase it, not make it. I would be interested to see how yours turns out — even better, I’m sure!

  5. I’m actually in the process of making a cape right now. I have a long, full length vintage cloak that a good friend gave me last year….it’s dark green, heavy, wonderful wool, and was made in London. I love it dearly, and wear it only for special occasions.

  6. I’ve been hearing the siren song of capes as well, but so far have managed to resist it!

    For the shirtdress, I’ve made a couple of them from McCall’s 4769 ( I like it because of the different sleeve/length options.

  7. That cape is fantastic, and now you’ve got ME wanting one! LOL It’s a cute look, but I worry about how I’d hold my handbag. Garance Doré, The Sartorialist’s girlfriend/fashion photographer had the same issue ( They’re still totally adorbs, tho!

    I’ve got a denim shirtdress in the hopper for this fall/winter and am using the PalmerPletsch M5847 ( Each one of their patterns is a fitting class and you’re guaranteed great results every time.

  8. you have the same choice as me in a large number of things you make ! I bought the exact same pattern and a yellow plaid wool from Joann’s to make it !

  9. I really want to make a shirt dress at the moment too. I have a red one that I bought from Portmans and I used to own a really gorgeous navy blue one with a white waist belt but it is too small for me now. If you find a good pattern let me know.

  10. About the Vogue 8280: Do you mean the pleated skirt part or the long sleeves part you would like to know more about? I saw some versions with the pleats but none with the long sleeves. Except that I just finished this dress. With long sleeves. Without pleats.
    I am planning on wearing it tomorrow for our anniversary and hopefully take some pictures. If you want to know more about it, ask me.

  11. I have a cape just like the plaid one, but mine is gray wool. I love it and have worn it 2 seasons–get tons of compliments. You will be surprised how often you throw it on!!!

  12. That cape pattern is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what you think of the NewLook pattern. And I have always loved shirtdresses. A light-weight corduroy would be fantastic in a shirtdress.

  13. I love this dress!

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now, and, I just wanted to say that you have been an inspiration! Not just the beautiful clothes your make, but, your positive attitude that shines through. Would love to come hear you perform some time. My favorite folk artist (I found accidentally) is Cathy Ryan. Got any ideas of others I should try. Keep on blogging!

  14. I’m planning on making myself a version of the corduroy anthro dress using the closest pattern I have to it (New Look 6538). Sadly I can’t seem to find a fine corduroy in bright red in London 😦

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