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November plans pt 1

Sorry for the few days of radio silence – we had a fabulous Halloween weekend (but, sadly, no costumes) and I was barely home!  Obviously I haven’t touched my sewing machine, but I have been thinking and planning some upcoming projects. The first is a project which simply does not excite me at all, but it must be done.

I showed pictures a few weeks ago of the dress I wear for my chamber ensemble.  To refresh your memories, here it is:

What’s that?  I’m sorry, I just fell asleep with boredom at this dress!  I’ve worn it a few times since the photo, and it is not improving in my estimation.  I don’t care for the ruching – a little on the side is fine, but I think this one adds bulk to the hips (who wants that?)  I don’t think it’s the greatest shape on me ever, but I mostly I hate the length.  I don’t usually mind just below the knee, but the proportions on this one don’t work.  I can’t shorten it and continue to use it for my group – classical music is sort of inherently conservative, and we are required to keep the hemline below the knee.  So here’s what I’m going to do:  shorten the dress and use it as a LBD, and make myself a new black dress for the ensemble.

I have 2 weeks before my next concert, which should be plenty of time to make one.  Here is what I want: below the knee, full skirt, some sort of sleeve (even caps sleeves are fine) and made of a knit (for ease of travel and the ability to take proper breaths.)  An empire waist would be a good idea, because that allows for breathing room without worrying that it looks odd.  No belts, certainly (I actually have to remove belts for rehearsal all the time, but I wear them anyway!)  I’d like it to go with the shoes I’m wearing above, as they are my most comfortable for standing a long time.

I’m leaning towards this vogue/DKNY pattern.  I’ve made it before, so the fit is no problem, and it has both the length I need and an empire waist.  I remember it being kind of a pain to make, but at least it was quick!  I think this style has an elegance that will work well for the stage.

I’ve considered a few other patterns, but I am loathe to put a lot of time into this project, so I think going with a dress I’ve made before is the best option.  No, don’t ask me why I didn’t just make my dress to start with!

I’ve placed an online fabric order this week that includes some black ITY knit.  Hopefully I will get it before the weekend so that I can sew this one up.  Coming later today (hopefully) the rest of my November sewing plans, including a few retail knock-offs!



7 thoughts on “November plans pt 1

  1. I think the soon-to-be LBD looks great, but your other pattern is really nice. Can’t wait to see your retail knock-offs! I must get out my sewing machine! You are inspiring!

  2. I’ve made the DKNY vogue pattern (before my blogging days) a few times, and have always been complimented on how chic it is. I am actually about to make a black one too for work.

    I remember it being a pain because of all the narrow hems around the neckline. I’m thinking of using self-fabric bias binding – do you think that would work, or be too bulky?

  3. I really like that vogue pattern – eyed it off a few times and ended up buying a few other patterns like it.
    What do you play/sing (I’m sure you’ve told us. sorry). I’m singing this weekend and i’m wearing a (loosely laced) corset – I actually love having something to breath against!

  4. lovely evening dress, love how it shows off the hips, love its simplicity and love the V neck, a nice black diamond necklace would go so well with this fabulous dress. great work 🙂

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