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Jenny + Mondo

Pattern: Jenny from Burdastyle

Fabric: Hot pink houndstooth doubleknit, 1.5 yards

Tights: H&M

Sweater: 525 America (from TJ Maax

Shoes: Gianni Binni last season

Notes: I have completed my Mondo-esque skirt, just in time to watch the finale tonight!   I’d made the Jenny skirt before, so this project went very smoothly – I just cut a size smaller than usual, to account for the stretch.  I cut the waistband pieces on the crossgrain so that I wouldn’t have to match all that houndstooth (though I did match the back seam.)

The skirt was shortened by about 2 inches and hemmed with a catchstitch by hand.  No lining – I am wearing a half-slip instead.  I was going to line with tricot, but I felt like the tricot wasn’t as stretch as my fabric, and I didn’t want to have to account for that.  No back slit, because the skirt is so stretchy.  I also omitted the zipper because I was in a hurry.  I can get it on, though I confess that I wouldn’t really recommend leaving out a zipper on this style.  I completely recommend making the Jenny skirt in doubleknit.  I know Burdastyle has a knit skirt (Melissa?) that is similar, but in my opinion this is better, because it has darts.  These sorts of interlock or doubleknit skirts are everywhere this season – I’ve seen them from Ann Taylor to Forever 21.  I like them, it’s dressy but you get the ease of a knit skirt.  They do remind me of the early 90s, but oh well – I can rock them again!  I think it’s important not to make a knit skirt too tight, to avoid looking like a vintage video vixen… but maybe that’s just me, and some bad memories of Whitesnake videos.

I won’t get to watch the finale on time – I have a rehearsal that runs until 9:00, and then I have to get dinner, but after that my husband and I are going to watch it!  There will be great disappointment in this household if Mondo doesn’t win, but either way I think he has a bright future.  It’s been a long time since I was so excited by a Project Runway contestant.  Admittedly, his favorite things are also mine – mixed geometric prints, high waists, and color! I mean, I really liked Seth Aaron who won last season, but the last designer I recall really loving was Chris March (who is getting his own reality show on Bravo – I can’t wait!)

21 thoughts on “Jenny + Mondo

  1. Super fun skirt! I love the bold hot pink. I’ve thought of making a doubleknit skirt myself but worried it would be too body-hugging just by nature of the fabric.
    Love your version, it fits you just right!

  2. Love it! I have to tell you that the day after Mondo made that purple houndstooth pencil skirt, I went to Mood and found the fabric to make myself a Jenny skirt with. Great minds! 🙂

  3. Awesome skirt. Seems to me that there is something similar lurking in my fabric cupboard, chosen by my daughter. A little scary for me, but now that I see it made up on you, I know it will work on her grace. Thanks!

  4. The skirt looks great and really comfortable – nice work matching the pattern. I just finished watching the last season of PR – can’t wait for this one that you are so excited about to come out on DVD!

  5. Yay! Awesome! I’ll be sad too if Mondo doesn’t take it. And if Gretchen DOES, doooo…..

    You inspired me and I went and got the black and white polka dot sweater knit from Joann’s and a purple/black woven (SUPER woven!) for a skirt to make my very own mondo-inspired outfit! Jenny + fitted sweater, here I come!

  6. Love the skirt! No doubt you’ve watched Project Runway by now and heard the disappoing that went around the world. What a shame. Like you said, Mondo will be great regardless of the outcome. Team Mondo!

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