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What I Wore Wednesday

It was a pretty busy week – I only missed two days of photos!


Cardigan: Old Navy

Dress: Merona, thrifted and repaired

Boots: Impo

I had to repair this dress, giving it a more secure closure on the inside wrap.  Even so, I felt like it was going to come open all day (reason #1 that I don’t do wrap styles.)  I’m still not a huge fan of wrap styles on me, but I like this one because it’s really high waisted – the tie is almost at the empire waist.


Dress: Vogue 8663

Boots: Impo

You’ve already seen this one, since I just finished this dress, but here’s a closeup!


Skirt: Thrifted and refashioned

Shirt: American Eagle Outfitters (thrifted)

Boots: Kensie Girl

I still love this skirt – I realize that while I have lots of pencil skirts, my full skirt collection is very summer focused.


Cardigan: Old Navy

Skirt: Thrifted and refashioned

Boots: Alfani

The boots are because it was raining – not a good choice otherwise!  Actually, we had a tornado warning, which caused me to realize the great inconvenience of the cellar doors being outdoors.  Also that, as it turns out, I’m rather afraid of hanging out down there by myself.  I always imagine that some creepy person will have taken refuge down there with our lawn mower and leftover doors and tiles from renovation work.  I shortened and took in this skirt, which is made of a really pretty cotton sateen and fully lined.  It’s still not quite at my waist, which is what I wanted, but I would have to install a new, longer zipper if I want to be able to make it smaller and still get it over my hips.


Dress: Vogue 8593

Shoes: Sofft

Necklace: Vintage Avon, I think the locket contained a solid perfume at one time.

As you can see from the light, it was a beautiful day today!  I decided to take advantage of not having to wear tights, and try to break in these shoes.  I had to buy a pair of gel insoles for them, and they do seem to be helping.  I think I just find peep toe shoes to be inherently uncomfortable.  I hadn’t worn this dress since the first day I finished it, and when I put it on I realized I was dissatisfied with the hem.  I had done a hand catch-stitch hem, and in this fabric it was tending to stretch out.  In addition, I didn’t love the length, which was neither long nor short.  As it turns out, I like my skirts shorter for winter than summer (and this is mostly a winter dress, meant to be worn with tights.)  So I shortened it by two inches and did a plain machine stitched hem – much nicer!  These shoes make me really tall… I’m no slouch anyway, but they push me up to 6′ tall.  I had a choir rehearsal, and I felt like a giant compared to all the other ladies (and some of the men!)

I was 5’2″ when I graduated from high school, and managed to grow another six inches during my sophomore year in college – isn’t that strange?  Sometimes I still think that I’m short, but it turns out that I’m not.

I’ve finished my Mondo skirt, and it’s ready to wear tomorrow!  I’ll post about it then, because I cannot wait to share the giant houndstooth awesomeness!

8 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Wow, I didn’t know you were 5’8! I’m the same height! That gives me a little confidence for the Beignet skirt I’m making… I was worried it may look a little weird on me because most of my height is my legs and it seems like most of the other people I’ve seen it on were much shorter than me. Do you find that you have to alter patterns for length much?

  2. I have never heard of a woman who grew in college, much less 6 inches!

    Back in early fall, I remember you mentioning the Lady Grey sew-along. Did you decide not to make a coat after all? Your link was the first I heard of it, and it got me into garment sewing big time! I’m learning so much making this coat. So thanks!

  3. I’m impressed by your height growth in college, too. I’ve been 5’3″ since age 13. The clothes look great on you. I like your final dress posting.

  4. Wow I am inspired, by the clothes, but also by your height. If you can grow in college, than i can grow in grad school, right? (never mind that i am 34 years old…)

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