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Working on…

a skirt inspired by Mondo on Project Runway.  I saw this doubleknit at Joann’s and had to pick it up, the large houndstooth reminded me of his designs!  I’m using the Burdastyle Jenny pattern to make a skirt.  I’ve used it before, and hopefully it will be ok in a doubleknit.  I hope to finish it by Thursday so I can wear it to watch the finale (if Mondo doesn’t win I’m calling shenanigans, seriously!)

I also have a whole basket of skirts to refashion, so I hope to get to one or two of those this week.  Other than that it’s been busy – I had a concert last night, and my mid-week schedule is busy as always!

10 thoughts on “Working on…

  1. I love that knit – what I love about double knits is they act like a woven, but you get the comfort, the ease of a knit with stability. I have substituted it before for a woven with no problems.

  2. I am SO team Mondo! The long dress in his mini collection – the black with white polka dots – that fabric (or something exactly the same) is at my Joanns right now and I’ve been eying up for a sweater, then saw the dress (and the cuffs on the shirt! oooo!)

    I LOVE that houndstooth! And a Jenny! it will be adorable! Are you going to find some sort of funky coordinating print??

  3. Woah, as soon as I saw that photo I was like, “It’s Mondo-tastic!” And then I scrolled down and he’s the inspiration. I think it would be way cool if he won – wouldn’t mind Andy winning either, but so far this season, Mondo’s clearly been the one to watch. Can’t wait to see your finished skirt!

  4. I bought the same fabric! I was thinking of making a simple turtleneck tunic with mine but since you likened it to Mondo maybe I should do something worthy of him. Like with some pattern mixing or some such. Hmmm….. Your skirt sounds really fun, especially to watch the finale in!

  5. As soon as I saw the photo, even before I read your post, my immediate thought was, “That reminds me of Mondo!” 🙂 I’m a huge fan of his as well. He has inspired me to try some pattern mixing. Go, Mondo!!!

  6. Love, love, love that fabric! I’m sure Mondo would be pleased to know he inspired you. Can’t wait to see you rock that skirt!

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