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What I wore Wednesday

It’s been a trying week… I have been sick again, and I’m working my way through a few insecurities.  I’m sure that my confidence will snap back soon!

Here are my outfits this week, including things I’ve made and some of my new thrifted finds:


Skirt: Vogue 1132

Boots: Merona

Cardigan: Old Navy

I look so tired here… you can see the allergies around my eyes!  I love this skirt, and I am always complimented on it – but I confess, it is hard to wear.  It’s very overwhelming, and I lost the shirt I wore with it last year!  I’m still considering ways to wear it more… I don’t think this is it.  I dislike the cardigan over it, I prefer to tuck something in.


Dress: Vogue 8667

Bolero: Thrifted


Boots success at last!  I picked these up at the Designer Shoe Wearhouse, and they were inexpensive.  They measure maybe 1/2″ bigger than my calves… not perfect, but close enough, especially as I had steeled myself to pay a lot for boots.  They’re suede, and have a cute ruched detail on the side.  I wore this outfit thrifting, and yes it is overkill but I felt good!  I wear this dress a lot… it was a good choice to make, it goes with everything!


Jacket: Express, thrifted

Dress: thrifted

Boots: Kensie Girl

Total cost of this outfit? $55.  Cost without the boots? $5.  Oh yes, I do love thrifting.  The jacket has a little metallic pinstripe.  I washed both these items twice, and no Goodwill smell lingers, for those of you who mentioned that.  I always double wash everything, and anything that can’t be washed gets drycleaned right away, though I confess that unless something is lined I wash everything that I thrift… I am not drycleaning something that cost a dollar.  But I am not taking chances with clothing moths etc again!    I really like this combo, and I bought the dress specifically so I could wear it this way.


Skirt: thrifted and quite old

Cardigan: Old Navy

Shoes: Sofft

Sweater tights: Hue

I’m thinking of remaking this skirt.  It isn’t fancy or anything, but while I love the print I don’t love the style – it’s one of those yoked a-lines, meant to sit slightly low on the waist.  Not my favorite.  I like to tuck blouses in, but with these that doesn’t work so well.


Dress: Vogue 7617 (Vintage)

Cardigan: 525 America

Wearing purple today in support of LGBT youth, and in remembrance of those who have taken their lives due to anti-gay bullying.  This is an issue close to my heart, as I lost have lost two gay friends to suicide, one in high school and the other in college.  I was also bullied hardcore all through grade school, for being quiet, smart, and kind of nerdy, and I can tell you… the scars from that never truly fade.  To this day I am constantly convinced that I will never live up to what other people want from me, and I am always paranoid that people will not like me.

Since I am feeling down, and remembering sad things, I’m glad to wear this cardigan… it’s so cozy that it’s like wearing a bathrobe all day!

10 thoughts on “What I wore Wednesday

  1. Beautiful outfits as always! And on the bullying note, I completely understand where you’re coming from. I was bullied to the extreme, too (and probably for many of the same reasons), and I am always convinced that people don’t like me. The second-guessing of oneself doesn’t really seem to fade, even after being bullied. My heart aches for these kids and their families and friends, and I hope that the dialogue that has opened up since their tragic deaths helps to create a world with a lot more open-mindedness and a lot less cruelty.

  2. I’m really sensitive to bullying, too. I absolutely do not tolerate it with my children. I was teased about my looks (big eyes, really skinny, unfashionably dressed) while young and I still struggle with liking my appearance today. This is both easier and harder for me because of my children. I think they’re beautiful and they undeniably look like me. So, I have to appear confident and happy with myself so that they will. Which is hard sometimes.

    Anyway, I love your looks! I think that the long skirt might look better with a thin cardi that hits higher on the hip and in a darker color. Just my two cents ;o)

  3. I love your outfits. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time, and I don’t think I’ve ever commented on how I admire your fashion sense, your sense of color, and and truly envious of your shoulders (mine are v. slopey and noting fits right). I am also jealous of all the great tights you wear, and love how you use them to add color to your wardrobe!

  4. Love your What I wore Wednesday- posts! They are sooo inspiring! I didn´t know about the wear purple campaign today, but accidentally I wore purple any ways.

    People who bully are always the ones that are most insecure. They are the ones who feel so low about themselves that they need to take it out on others. I wish there were an easy solution for this issue, but it isn´t. The one thing we CAN do is to encourage young people to be themselves and to be proud of what and who they are. Make them feel secure. Security is key.

    Here´s to purple!

  5. I am sorry kids were mean to you. I think you’re delightful and I look forward to reading your posts. I’ve been a reader for a long time (found you through knitting).

    I’m wearing purple today too. No one deserves to be bullied or picked on.

  6. I appreciate your heartfelt reaching out to the LBGT community. & I just happened to be wearing purple (I didn’t know about this.)

  7. Really cute collection of outfits. Aren’t you thrilled with the boot/tights weather?! 🙂 I wore purple on Wednesday, too – both at work and the gym.

  8. Love you outfits! Is the thrifted blue sundress you wore on Monday from Old Navy? I recently found an orange-toned one that I absolutely LOVE! So much cheaper to thrift it than to spend the money on fabric for that one. Anyway, happy sewing. I hope to be as good as you one day 🙂

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