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In which I attempt to make a muslin the right way

There is actually a formal way to make a muslin – it involves thread tracing all the seam lines and then taking apart your muslin to use for your pattern.  I’ve never done this – I’m a big fan of the quick and dirty muslin, and I’m super impatient.  But I’m looking to make this Michael Kors pattern, and I want to get the fit right!

Look at me, copying the envelope, but you know I just loved the polka dots!  I’m using the red/black  wool suiting that I got from Mood awhile back (did I mention that it’s a Rebecca Taylor fabric?  Too bad I’m not using one of her patterns for Vogue!)

Tasia just put up a good tutorial on this sort of muslin (although I don’t think she uses the muslin for the pattern… I have heard it can stretch out.)  So I’m trying (and I’m even doing the skirt – I pretty much have to on a fitted style.)  My only pre-muslin alteration is for length – I don’t like a straight dress that falls below the knee.  There are a lot of markings for the bow, but I’m hoping that following the directions will work!  I’m not going to lie – sewing all the seamlines by machine is super tedious, but I’m determined to try it this way at least once!

It had better work out  – I already bought shoes to go with the dress!

I have been wanting a pair of red heels, so since I was getting an assortment of boots to try out I thought “why not?”   These are only a 2.5″ heel.  Three inches is my limit, platform or no,  and I can’t believe how hard it is to find a height between 4 inches and flat.  The red matches my fabric very well!  Speaking of red shoes, I also got these:

These are by Kensie girl, and were both adorable and dead cheap.  I have a few pairs by this brand, and they are all comfortable for the price.  I’ve been wearing my black cowboy boots to death, which sort of shocks me – I never thought I would care for boots that are shorter than knee height, but I really like them!

I managed to get the muslin cut and prepared, and tomorrow I will try to sew it up – here’s hoping that the sizing is close (the tissue has no markings for the bust, so I just cut an 8, my usual Vogue bust size.)  Luckily, this week promises to be less busy than the last – the only sewing I managed last week was a horribly failed muslin and a mostly successful thrift store refashion (which I will have to show you when I do my Wednesday night post.)

6 thoughts on “In which I attempt to make a muslin the right way

  1. good luck with your dress! (and, just in case you didn’t see, there is a great article on perfecting muslins in a recent issue of Threads) BYE 🙂

  2. I love those polka dots, too! I’m doing the Lady Grey sew along and I’m actually doing my muslin this way as we speak. Someone posted a comment about using the muslin as a pattern that I think I’m going to try. Instead of ripping seams and risk stretching the muslin, I’m going to cut it apart at the seamlines, trace the pieces on my fabric and then add back in the 5/8″ seam allowances. I’m interested to see how your muslin making turns out! I’m moving at a snail’s pace on my sewing lately.

  3. You have such a flair for choosing design and shoes/boots. I absolutely adore the boots! Red is my favorite color. I can’t wait to see your whole outfit girl!

  4. Oh how cool, glad you found my post on muslins interesting! You’re right, I didn’t use the muslin as the pattern as I was worried about stretching. Especially since my muslin was supertight the first time so the chances of stretching were high!

    I have this dress unfinished in a drawer – I wish I’d made a muslin first! I found the hips way too tight and the waist quite loose and shapeless, but then again that’s the way I’m built 🙂

    Good luck! You’re doing the right thing on this pattern, making the muslin first, even though I know it’s tedious! The fabric is awesome, and so are the red pumps!!

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