Not sewing, only planning… vintage style

As you probably know, I quit my job a year and a half ago and started my own business.  It’s been a totally great experience for many reasons, mostly having to do with my stress level.  Since I no longer spend hours every week worried about my job, I find that I have time for things that fulfill me, including my crafting hobbies.  In addition, I’ve reconnected with several great old friends, and started a pretty active performing life again.  This week, the balance is tipped that direction – I have very little time at home, but that’s ok – I am so happy with my life now, and wouldn’t change it for anything!  It is funny the paths we take… I would not have imagined that mine would have landed here, but I’m happy it did!

So… since I haven’t had any time to sew, I’ve spent some quality time planning the rest of my fall/winter wardrobe.  Today I’d like to show you my most recent vintage patterns, and my plans for them.  I’ll post about the modern patterns later.

Simplicity 4291, early 1960s, in rayon challis, with the ruffles of course.  I love shirtwaist styles, and those little sleeve ruffles are are a detail I’ve seen on plenty of ready to wear lately.  I bought this challis earlier this year from, and I love the color, though it isn’t as soft as some I have felt.  I’m 1/8 yard short, and hoping that I can squeeze in the pieces!

Vogue 5782, sleeveless version.  I love the way this pattern looks in the illustration, and I’m hoping that I love it as much in translation!  There is just something about these 60s era vogues really appeals to me.  I bought this rayon jacquard from Sawyer Brook:

It’s so pretty in person!  The fleur de lis is a bit of a symbol for Louisville, and I have a ton of them in my house, so I like the idea of using one for a dress.

Vogue 9660 is another… this one is maybe late 50s?  I had it on my Etsy wishlist for months before I finally bought it.    I love the dramatic collar and pleated skirt.  I was searching for a pattern to use with this lovely cotton sateen I got from Elliot Bermann. I had intended to use a modern Vogue, but I really wasn’t feeling it… the fabric called out for a vintage design.

So those are the three vintage patterns I hope to sew for fall.   I’m probably going to start on the shirtdress first (though maybe not next) since I have all the parts for it already.  Now all I need is some time to sew.  I have to sing at a University function tomorrow night, but I’m free until dinnertime – perhaps I can at least get my muslin cut?