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Winter Vogues already!

It seems very early to be thinking of winter patterns -we have yet to have a single day that makes me think of fall!  Still, I am happy to see new patterns (as always!)  Vogue patterns fit me very well, and I find that they suit my style.  It seems like a strong collection to me – plenty of styles that fit my taste, and also some that I personally don’t like, but for which I can see the audience.  Not a lot of real crazy stuff.  I don’t really get why so many winter patterns have short sleeves, but I figure I can wear a sweater (it’s hard to find a dress with sleeves in stores too!)   So… on to the patterns!

First, the designer patterns:

1207, a Cynthia Steffe design

I like this silhouette – it reads sort of bohemian to me.  The back is fabulous.  I love the fabric the original is made of!

1206, a Kay Unger design

On the other hand, I don’t like the sample fabric here at all – I mean, I love leopard, but the color of this one is weird.  The line drawings show how nice this design is, and the ruffle is right up my alley.

1205, also by Kay Unger

I’d imagine that the two Kay Unger designs from Spring were big sellers – her dresses are simple, flattering, and classic.  This doesn’t work for me in the solid, but the black with the one zebra strap is to die for – I may have to copy that exactly!

1209, a Rachel Comey design

Once again, this doesn’t read “winter” to me, but I think it’s very pretty.  Certainly “on trend,” so to speak.  I hate the sample color – I am so tired of pale beige!  I like the back more than the front – I almost wish the little peplum went all the way around.  I avoided wearing low back things for years, because I have a large mole back there.  I can’t actually see it, but in my mind it was huge and awful.  Sewing (and taking photos for sewing) has shown me that it is not, in fact, all that bad at all, so I think I could do this dress.

8687 – Vintage Vogue

There are two new vintage vogue patterns.  I don’t care for the other, but I love both parts of this one (with the skirt shortened of course.)


Love this knit dress pattern (stable knits will work best I think.)

8701 – Vogue Wardrobe

Someone at Vogue must like plaid – these wardrobe patterns are always illustrated that way!  I really like the jacket with the (also cute!) dress.


I cannot turn down a high waisted pencil skirt.  This is rather like several other patterns, but I like the waistband enough to probably buy it.

And as for the crazy… I would not actually wear this coat, probably, but somehow I think it’s really cool.

I don’t know… the scallops fool the eye in an interesting way.

But perhaps I’ve just been watching too much Project Runway.  I somehow have gotten my husband addicted to the current season, so we’re re-watching all the seasons, since he’s never seen them.  It’s funny because he doesn’t pay any attention to men’s clothes, but he always has opinions about mine!

I’m looking forward to these being in stores.

6 thoughts on “Winter Vogues already!

  1. You are a fast woman! I wanted to post something about that tomorrow too!

    I totally agree with you on the crazy coat. I like the idea of sewing it, but I would feel like a turtle if I was wearing it!

    My favorite dresses are 1207 and 1209. Mainly because I could alter them to fit me 😉

  2. Since you mentioned pencil skirts I have a question – do you have a favorite, relatively easy pattern? Something that would look nice in wool that would emphasize an hourglass shape? I definitely want to make some for Fall.

  3. Wow, already?
    I actually really like that coat. With a simple, streamlined outfit under it, it would look amazing. Black pencil skirt, fitted black sweater/turtleneck, and the coat. What a statement.

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