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Self Stitched September Days 23-25

We are nearing the end of the month!  I feel a little bit like I cheated, since I was so sick that I probably spent an entire week in pajamas.  I don’t have a photo from day 22, but I was wearing my Simplicity wrap cardigan.

Day 23

Dress: Simplicity 2443, blogged here

Cardigan: Ann Taylor, thrifted

Shoes: Anne Klein

I love this emerald green cardigan – it’s one of my favorite colors, and one that seems hard to find (olive and yellow greens abound, but they look like death on me.)  The great thing about this dress is that you can wear anything with it.  And it’s so comfortable!  Definitely a winner.

Day 24

Dress: Butterick 5415, heavily modified

Shoes: Franco Sarto

Belt: Forever 21

This dress is actually a new finish, but I am not feeling it.  I’m going to write up a review for patternreview, but it won’t get its own entry here.  Let’s just say that the unaltered pattern is not very flattering.  I ended up taking this dress in a ton on the top and (oddly enough) letting it out in the hips, even though I had used a larger size for the hips.  It’s very strangely proportioned.  And the sleeves were humongous, about as unlike the pattern illustration as you can imagine.  In addition, I have come to realize that I hate high, wide necklines – my shoulders are proportionally a bit wide, and I don’t like how this emphasizes them.  It’s a bit matronly as well, due to the really high neck.  But ah well – it sewed up in only an hour and a half, and the fabric was dirt cheap, so it’s no real loss.  I am beginning to wonder about Butterick patterns and me, but I do have a few more to make – it could be that I have just made poor choices. I should have known I would not like this one, due to the lack of shaping, but I was determined.  Does anyone else do this?  Carry on with something even when you sort of know it’s not a style you like?

Day 25

Skirt: Colette patterns Beignet, blogged here

Top: INC, thrifted

Shoes: Sofft Parma

It was too early for my usual photo spot.  I’m still on my sickness schedule, and I got up today (on a Saturday!) at 7 am.  I love this skirt so much – I really need to make another!  I’m going out for lunch with my in-laws today, and we might be going to the Irish festival (I was supposed to be singing there, but I am not exactly 100% yet.)  It’s been near 100 degrees this week, and today it is finally cooler – I am so happy to wear sleeves!

I’m going to work on another dress this week (this time with a muslin, unlike my last project.  I can sometimes get away without on, but I find I am happier if I at least try out the bodice!)  I may also begin the muslin for my Chanel jacket – that’s going to be a long project, since I am still on a trim search (I have decided on self fringe, pleated black ribbon, and a chiffon ruffle… now I just have to find the ribbon and chiffon!) Does anyone have any advice for preshrinking a loosely woven wool tweed?  I will not launder the finished jacket of course, but I am loathe to take my fabric to the cleaners.  I usually do the dryer/damp towel method, but I hesitate here.  Maybe I should steam shrink?  I do have a steamer…

7 thoughts on “Self Stitched September Days 23-25

  1. That cat is AWESOME! He looks bigger than my basset hound!

    I can see the shape of Butterick 5415 not being very fitted- you certainly made it work! I feel like I’m getting better at picking patterns, but I still suffer from wishful thinking! I graduated high school in 1992 and it was very popular while I ws in jr. high-ish (hello 80’s) at my school, at least, for girls to wear boy’s jeans. I’ve been wanting to rock that slouchy look my whole life, but it just doesn’t work for me! Least flattering look ever on me!!

    And that last outfit is ADORABLE!! I love the proportion of the skirt to shirt, the mix of stripes and yellow – and the pose is fun too!

  2. Your self-stitched posts have been SUPER inspiring! I want to so bad to make my own clothes because I have such an awful time finding what I like in teh stores (isn’t that why we all want to sew? hehe). I’m going to make it work, I swear! I just need to … you know… learn. hehe 🙂

    Do you have a favorite brand or type of pattern that you like for beginners who’ve never sewn clothes before? I’ve finish my first quilt (yay!) but I don’t feel as if that’s prepared me for clothing and patterns and stuff. lol 🙂

    Thank you so much!
    Sarah 🙂

  3. You should feel really good about your Self Stitched September, sick or not! You could make some pajama pants for next year. They are crazy easy. I think Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross has a good pattern. Your local library may have a copy.

    I have really enjoyed your posts. I did not care for the Cynthia Rowley Simplicity dress from the pattern sleeve, but your dress and another I saw online have really changed my mind. I am a sucker for a comfy dress that looks glam.

  4. Oh, I’m disappointed that the Butterick 5415 shift dress didn’t work out because I bought that one too. I bought it to replace this adorable vintage pattern that caused me all sorts of grief, see here. Well, it’s good that I’m going to draft my own t-shirt pattern and then I can morph it into this type of dress. You just saved me another ugly episode of sewing. Thanks!

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