SSS: Days 17-21

I have been remiss in keeping up my posting this weekend.  I apologize, but this flu has my sleeping habits thrown off, so nothing ever seems to get done (I usually sleep late, since I don’t work in the mornings, but I’ve been up every day at 6:30!)  I’m not completely better, which seems crazy, but I am feeling a lot better than I was, and I’m back to work.  Tonight I’m planning on staying in and working on a new project.  Remember the Pizza Sempione dress that I wanted to copy, because I had really similar fabric?  I’m going to try using Butterick 5415, without contrast bands.

It’s a simple dress, but I cannot yet tell how it’s going to work out.  I’m not planning to line it (a lining pattern isn’t included anyway) because it’s loose enough to work with a slip.

I have three days worth of outfits for you too – none from the weekend, because I again managed to not leave the house at all, and mostly I slept in a desperate attempt to not be sick anymore.

Day 17

Dress: Vogue 8667 , blogged here

Belt: The Kwik Sew  dress I finished 2 weeks ago

Shoes: Sofft

I went out to dinner in this outfit -we went to a great hole-in-the wall Italian American restaurant.  I could live on pasta, seriously.  That was pretty much my only going out for the whole weekend!

Dress: Vogue 1027 , blogged here

Cardigan: Merona

Shoes: Sofft

Look, I know this is a bad outfit.  I honestly think you can judge how well I feel by how many ponytails I’m wearing, and how many unnecessary layers of clothing I have on.  I taught 5 hours of lessons, and ordered in pizza.

Day 21

Pattern: Simplicity 2360, blogged here

Belt: Forever 21

Shoes: Anne Klein

Bag: Thrifted

Today I am feeling a little better, can you tell?  No ponytail.  I had to go to the sheet music store, Joann (for the pattern above) and I stopped off at Forever 21 – I love the belt I’m wearing, but it’s showing some abuse – I picked up a spare!  I also discovered something awesome:

Argyle tights!  I love sweater tights, and I had been looking for some.  I can’t wait for cold weather so I can wear them (it’s currently about 90 degrees!)


6 thoughts on “SSS: Days 17-21

  1. I just bought simplicity 2360, and I am so excited to make it up. I totally forgot that I saw it here first! I’m still mulling over fabric choices, but I think I want to make it in a cotton lawn. Thanks for the inspiration!

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