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Not dead yet

I swear, I am the most pitiful sick person on the planet!  I’ve only left the house once since last Friday, but tomorrow I will have to pull myself together – I have an important meeting that cannot be postponed.  My fever is gone, so I think I’m on the mend.

All this enforced house time has given me plenty of sewing time!  I’ve started doing a few things differently, to help with my prep time.  First, I’m pre-washing all of my fabrics.  That way, when inspiration strikes I won’t have to wait.  I’ve also been cutting the pattern tissue for the things I want to make this fall – I really don’t enjoy cutting, and I’m much more likely to start something if I don’t have to do the pattern cutting.    And I can do it on the living room floor while I watch tv (I don’t have a tv in my sewing room, though I occasionally wish I did… we don’t have cable on the 3rd floor yet.)

Some sneak peeks (I’ll show the dresses when I wear them later this week.)

9 thoughts on “Not dead yet

  1. It’s amazing how productive you are, even with a fever! When I’m sick, the only things I’m good for are sleeping, watching tv, or reading. Knitting and other creative pursuits are definitely out.

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on!

  2. I pre-wash all my fabric as soon as I get it, too! That way I know everything is ready to cut whenever I feel the urge.
    I love cutting out! I’m surprised to hear than no one else likes it. I could start a cutting-out service if there were enough nearby people who sewed 🙂
    Glad you’re feeling a little better!

  3. Glad you feel like you are on the mend. I always wash my fabrics, usually the day it arrives. I cannot imagine having to wait for it on the same day I want to make something, and I hear you on the tissue cutting. I really don’t like that chore either, so what a good idea to cut it out ahead. I haven’t done too much of that. Hope your meeting goes well tomorrow! Can’t wait to see what you’ve made.

  4. I have also got in the habit of washing my fabrics as soon as I get them, I find it helps me with my productivity.

    As for how much you are getting done when sick I am blown away, I prefer to wallow in self pity in bed.

  5. I’ve got a cold now myself – ACHOO! As soon as those little monkeys get to school they start bringing that stuff home with ’em. trying to let it not slow me down though – your inspirational. 😉

    I usually trace all of my patterns first and I absolutely HATE it – but it’s better than having to go out and buy another if I need it in a different size.

    glad your feeling better. can’t wait to see these beauties all sewn up 🙂

  6. It is amazing that you are still taking self-stitched photos despite being super-sick! (That’s a lot of alliteration…) And sewing! That gray floral knit looks intriguing. Look forward to seeing what you make.

  7. I try to pre-wash all my fabrics when I get them, but I also like to wash them according to color so I lessen the risk of colors bleeding. I have seen a Shout brand thing that’s supposed to capture dyes in the wash, so I think I may try that. I also like to cut out all my pattern tissue at once. I started yesterday for the fall 🙂 After that I’ll take the ones I want to make the most, cut the fabric (or muslin), mark it, and have them ready to go. I kind of feel like I work faster that way, when I have everything lined up and ready to sew!


  8. Glad to hear that you are able to make good use of your time, despite being sick! I’m really intrigued by that first sneak preview pic. Love that fabric! I have been thinking that maybe I should also prewash all my fabrics.

  9. Oh, I forgot to say that I actually enjoy the cutting (both pattern tissue and fabric.) I use a rotary cutter for the task and it makes it much faster and enjoyable. Of course, it’s not portable that way, but I like it. I hated doing it when I was still using scissors.

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