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Not dead yet

I swear, I am the most pitiful sick person on the planet!  I’ve only left the house once since last Friday, but tomorrow I will have to pull myself together – I have an important meeting that cannot be postponed.  My fever is gone, so I think I’m on the mend.

All this enforced house time has given me plenty of sewing time!  I’ve started doing a few things differently, to help with my prep time.  First, I’m pre-washing all of my fabrics.  That way, when inspiration strikes I won’t have to wait.  I’ve also been cutting the pattern tissue for the things I want to make this fall – I really don’t enjoy cutting, and I’m much more likely to start something if I don’t have to do the pattern cutting.    And I can do it on the living room floor while I watch tv (I don’t have a tv in my sewing room, though I occasionally wish I did… we don’t have cable on the 3rd floor yet.)

Some sneak peeks (I’ll show the dresses when I wear them later this week.)