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SSS day 12: a new cardigan

Pattern: Simplicity 2417, view A

Fabric: Rayon jersey from Fashion fabrics club, gray with black dots, 2 yards

Shoes: Kensie Girl

Belt: Calvin Klein

Since I was running a fever for the 3rd day in a row and rapidly losing my voice,  I decided it was time to throw on some clothes and go to the doctor (well, the immediate care center, because why should I get sick on a weekday?)  Apparently I have the flu, for the first time in probably fifteen years.  Well… I may have had the flu other times, but for most of my 20s I didn’t have any health insurance, and so avoided going to the doctor at all costs.  At any rate, at least now I know why I feel so awful, and it really doesn’t seem to be the worst case of flu ever.  At least I get time off work, although I will have to make it up later.

I finished this cardigan on Friday – literally sewed the whole thing then.  I wanted some basic long cardigans to wear over sleeveless dresses, and I thought this pattern looked promising.  Since I had such good luck with Simplicity’s cozy wrap I was hoping this one would be as nice, and I was not disappointed!  I sewed a straight size 6, which seems to be my size in Simplicity.  Things I like about this cardigan: the nice high, tight armholes, which look very RTW to me, and the front bands, which give it a little more interest than just a plain cardigan.

I didn’t make many alterations to the pattern.  I did my usual job removing the ease from the sleevecaps (only 1/2″, but still unnecessary.)  I did not hem the sleeves, because I liked the length.  I sewed the sleeves in flat, and then closed up the side seams and sleeve seams in one sweep with the serger (I often do this – I hate setting in sleeves in the round, and I don’t notice much difference on most garments.)  I only sewed one line of stitching for the hem, because my twin needle wasn’t working well with this knit.

I absolutely recommend the pattern – this was incredibly easy to sew, and the results are very ready to wear.  I’m thinking of using my leftover jersey to create a little flower embellishment – removeable, of course, because I’m not handwashing a cardigan!  I’ve decided that while I’m having forced sick time I had might as well sew up some more knits – they’re easy to wear, and lately I’m finding myself reaching for them.  I did make a muslin of the jacket I mentioned yesterday, but the sleeve style was really weird – something in between raglan and dropped.  It is not flattering, so that pattern is out… I much find something else for my lovely wool.

11 thoughts on “SSS day 12: a new cardigan

  1. The sweater looks great! I made that one too, in the 10 (which seems to be my Simplicity size – at least they are pretty consistent) and liked it, but wasn’t wowed by the way they had you finish the bottom. I liked the mitered corner finish but not sewing a hem 3″ or so up. Did you follow the instructions? Any tips or close ups of the hem you can share?

  2. I’ve recently discovered your blog and have enjoyed viewing your outfits. The cardigan is lovely, perfect for going into autmn and winter and I like the way you’ve accessorised it with the belt in top photo.
    Feel better soon.

  3. Very cute! I think reading your blog may convince me to finally try something in knits. I think of them as rather scary, but you do so well with them….

    I had to laugh at your comment about the sleeves. I HATE sewing in sleeves in the round, but am often not brave enough to try them flat. Maybe I will now…..

    I guess I’m on the road to becoming a much braver sewer!

    Anyway, I also had to tell you that I LOVE your fireplace. I’m an old house lover. I’m guessing it’s late 19th, early 20th century?

  4. Hope you feel better soon! Being sick is no fun ;(
    Love the cardigan, what a great easy piece with dresses or jeans. Looks especially great belted!

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