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SSS Day 10: sick day

I have been struck down by  some sort of illness – I have a fever, and a cough, and I feel pretty generally disagreeable.  Needless to say, I had to cancel all my weekend activities – Marc’s already caught my cold, and I don’t want to give it to anyone else!   Since I was feeling terrible, my plans for the weekend included lying on the sofa in my pajamas, rewatching all the Harry Potter movies and maybe sewing that dotted cardigan I said I was going to start days ago.  As it turns out I had neglected to buy thread, so I had to throw some clothes on to go to the fabric store.  And since it’s September, something had to be made by me!  This outfit is probably a reflection of just how lousy I felt, but hey… it served its purpose of clothing me so that I could leave the house.  I may have cursed my lack of hand-made yoga pants a few times, but let’s be honest… I don’t wear those out of the house anyway.

Skirt: Corduroy a-line skirt from the book SEW U, blogged here

T-shirt: Merona

Shoes: Sofft Pienza loafers

I don’t really wear this skirt, but I am proud that it was the first real garment I made.  I used to own a lot of these sort of low waisted a-line skirts.  As it turns out, the reason I stopped wearing skirts was probably because low-waist skirts came in – I like to tuck a shirt into my skirt, and this doesn’t do it for me.

There won’t be a day 11 post, since I’m not leaving the house or changing out of my pajamas, and who can tell about tomorrow?  But – I did finish sewing the dotted cardigan, and I’ll have photos sometime this week.  I’m going to start on Vogue 8640 – I am planning to make both parts, but the jacket is going to require a muslin before I cut into my lovely dotted wool… I’m not sure yet that it will suit me.

8 thoughts on “SSS Day 10: sick day

  1. Ugh – I’m sick too, so I feel you’re pain. I’m just glad I have a self stitched coat I could through on to visit the Doctor.
    It’s funny though, no matter how craptastic we feel, still can’t quite cheat 🙂

  2. I’m sick today too! I had to leave the house to get food, though, so I dressed up. I’m back home, but I haven’t changed out yet. I think wearing nice clothes is helping me feel better.

  3. Oh dear, poor you! You look very stoical in that photo. ‘I am going to stand here and I am going to pose and I WILL share a self-made item.’ Bless you for making such a huge effort when you’re so ill. I have plans for a red corduroy skirt. Now, go and cuddle up on the sofa…

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