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Self-stitched September days 6 and 7

It’s still hot here, and likely to remain that way through September.  On one hand, I am so tired of the heat that I’d love to see Fall, but on the other hand I don’t have nearly enough cold weather clothes yet!  I’ve nearly finished the dress from my last post (it just needs a hem shortening.)  I’ll probably wear that on Thursday, since I don’t have anything to do except teach tomorrow, and when I have a pretty new dress I like to make sure that I’ll be actually leaving the house!  Now on to the past two days of my month:

September 6th

Skirt: Simplicity 2413, blogged here

Top: INC

Shoes: Cole Haan

It must be a workday if I’m in flats!  I like this outfit better with heels, but I don’t really feel like standing up in them all afternoon… plus, to be honest, while they have adjusted to my dressiness, I think people think it’s strange to wear heels in your own house.  I’m very disappointed in the quality of this top – I discovered a hole in it, the fabric is pilling, and the stitching on the ruching is falling apart.  I’ve only had it a few months, and it’s not like I wear it every day!

That skirt, on the other hand, is holding up great!  I’m trying to wear more skinny belts, and I used a trick I read on Youlookfab to knot the skinny belt – I have a problem where belts are always too big for me, and if I add extra holes it ends up way long.  I like this way a lot, and it did stay all day.   This skirt is a bit tough to wear, but I’ve decided to just embrance the shape – it bells out and does not touch my hips, which is fine – it’s supposed to be an exaggerated look.  I feel like it could use something on top to balance though, a top with full, cuffed sleeves maybe (is that called a Bishop sleeve, or did I make that up?)

September 7th

Top: Simplicity 2501, blogged here

Sweater: H&M

Jeans: NY&Co

Shoes: Steve Madden

I find it hard to dress when I have to go straight from one activity to another.  Today I had my regular teaching schedule, followed by a band rehearsal (I’m now the singer and sometimes keyboardist in an Irish band,) followed by Pub quiz and dinner with friends at my neighborhood Irish bar.  In honor of all the Irishness going on today I wore green.  Combined with the hair, I occasionally get asked if I’m Irish, but the answer is no… not at all.  My ancestors were Swedish (my Grandparents immigrated here in the 1930s.)  I love the music though, and I’d love to visit someday.

I like this outfit.  It’s casual but still me.  I really love this blouse, and I’m happy that plaid and flannel are still in this year.  I will say that the sleevecaps are a little low and restrictive, and it could be longer, but I still love it!

While I put the finishing touches on one project I’m also starting another: the cardigan from Simplicity 2417 in this polka dot knit:

I bought this pattern exclusively for the long cardigan, because I love that style, plain though it is, but the jumper is pretty cute too (not in that fabric, but in the line drawings.)  I tell you, having to wear my creations every day is forcing me to get sewing!

This weekend looks to be challenging… I have a gig and I have no idea what I’m wearing.  Performing clothes, as it turns out, are hard because I know so many eyes are on me!  But I’ll figure something out… hopefully.

14 thoughts on “Self-stitched September days 6 and 7

  1. Both outfits look lovely. I really like the Simplicity 2413 skirt – I’ve just bought this pattern so I’ll definately have to re-read your post on how you got on with it.
    Ooo – what type of Irish band are you in and what songs do you guys do? Only asking coz I’m from Ireland (and in Ireland) myself! 😉

  2. I am actually happy that it is colder here (The Netherlands) and that I can start wearing fall things.
    Also, if you enjoy all things Irish, you must go there! I have spent a year in Ireland, and it is the best place ever!

  3. Good morning. You look so adorable in the green and gray. You are beautiful so please be careful of anyone wanting to give you a cup of “something”. It makes me nervous for good people out there. And I love your house too.

  4. So when do we get a link to a band video? 🙂 I would love to hear your singing. I’m enjoying watching self-stitched September. You really have sewn a lot of clothes!

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