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Wardrobe truthiness (and a blog award!)

It is becoming clear to me that there will be many lessons learned during this month of wearing handmade clothes.  The first?  It’s ok to admit that something isn’t working for you.  Here is today’s outfit:

Sweater: Blithe, designed by Kim Hargreaves.  Blogged here.

Jeans: NY & Co flares

Shoes: Anne Klein

Another lesson to be learned: as in a catalog, a funny pose from me probably means that something is wrong.  I liked this sweater after I finished knitting it, but then it sat unloved in my drawer.  I had a few requests to use handknits this month, and while I don’t have as many warm weather sweaters I have a few to try.  Let me tell you: this sweater does not fit, and I don’t think it ever did.  I think I used to be less picky, before I started sewing.  Now?  It makes me crazy.  Here is a head-on shot.

No,  I don’t know why I have such a crazy smile here.  Anyway, it’s too short, and the sleeves are teeny tiny, like “I feel like I’m in a straightjacket” tight.  That’s why it’s off the shoulder here, because it’s slightly more comfortable that way.  I was on my way out to the mall, in search of a concert dress.  I needed a black dress in a non-wrinkle fabric (matte jersey) that was dressy but went below my knees.  I bought one from Ralph Lauren, and we’ll see how that works – I feel super guilty not making one, but to be honest I wasn’t feeling like it – I hate deadline sewing.  After I tried on dresses I left this sweater in my bag and wore the tank top – that’s how uncomfortable it was!  I also really don’t like the way that it pulls up in the center.  So this sweater?  It’s going to be going away somewhere, to a friend with a more petite torso.

I like long shirts.  I have a long torso (but short waist) and those of you with a long torso know what I mean – it’s torture to have a shirt that just isn’t quite long enough!  I’m actually quite happy about the current trend for tunics because I never have to tug at them.

The lovely Robin over at Yarncrawl nominated me for the Beautiful blogger award.  Thanks, Robin!  Robin is definitely an inspiration, and she was so helpful to me when I started sewing!

This is another of those “share things about yourself” deals, I do love filling out a list (if I can come up with another ten!)

1.  I have no “in between” mode in housekeeping.  I’m either completely OCD about every speck of dust, or I’m a total slob.  Since I have parents and students in my house all the time now I’m trying to find a middle ground, but it’s hard!

2.   Earl Grey is my favorite tea.  I tend to like things that taste bitter or perfumey, but to be honest I started drinking it because it was what Captain Picard always got from the replicator in Star Trek.  I went for a formal tea for the first time, and when asked to make a selection I could literally only think “Earl Grey, hot!”

3.  I hate being in a house by myself at night.  I tell people it’s because of the break-in we had last year, but in truth I never liked being home alone, it’s just that the break-in reinforced that my fears weren’t actually crazy!

4.  My parents were big-time hippies, but I didn’t always live with them (I lived with my paternal Grandmother, as I’ve mentioned before.)  Because of that, I have some odd quirks – like, I’m about the most open minded person you can imagine, but I have a strangely conservative sense of style, and I’m always asking people “is my skirt too short” when it’s barely above my knees.

5.  I love “old lady” perfumes.   I hate modern scents, which either smell like overripe fruit or soap… I like the smell of soap, but it’s not making a statement, you know?  I want my perfume to say something.  My all-time favorite is Baghari by Robert Piguet.  It’s sort of powdery, with vanilla, amber, and jasmine.  It bears a similarity to Chanel no. 5, but it’s better (I love no 5, which I also own.)  The only modern perfume I wear regularly is Estee Lauder Sensuous, which is very nice, smelling of amber and woods, but not (I must say) as exciting, and I wear it when I need to be unobtrusive (yes, I have a perfume habit – I love the stuff!)

6.  I am completely fascinated by sociology, especially feminist sociology.  I took a ton of classes in college and considered a minor, but ended up transferring.  I recently discovered the blog Sociological Images, and read the whole thing.  I constantly analyze things in real life, which I will admit makes people crazy.  I read the first Twilight novel and wound up filled with feminist rage, and let me tell you how no one wanted to hear me rant on about it (but I did anyway, because that’s how I am!)

7.  I like eccentric people, the odder the better.  The first thing my husband said to me was “Want to switch Kroger cards?  You never know what they’re using that information for.”  I know so many people who strive to be normal and unnoticed… I can’t imagine living that way, and I love people who dare to be themselves no matter what society might say!

Ok, I guess I only got to seven – still, pretty good!

I hope you are all having a great weekend – I bought the dress mentioned above, had some great Indian food, and hit the Joann’s sale for some top patterns (it has become apparent already that I need some, and it’s only the 4th!)  I’ll write more about that tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Wardrobe truthiness (and a blog award!)

  1. I love Earl Grey also, and like you it’s because I like the slight bitterness of the taste of it. And, like you, I often think of Captain Picard when I am drinking it, what a legend!

    Now, I’m interested in why Twilight sent you into a feminist rage. I have avoided reading the books because I am sure they would send me into one myself – I feel that there is something really depressing and sinister about the idea of marketing eternal youth as being something teenage girls should want! I can see there are probably many more reasons why Twilight is anti-feminist but this one was enough to send me away without investigating further!

  2. Great post! I like tunics, earl grey tea and am a feminist criminologist so all of your post appealed to my senses! I’m also playing catch-up in commenting, so needed to say that I LOVE your mod dress. It is very flattering and a great colour on you.

  3. Hah. You know I gave you that award too back in July (I’m quite positive I left you a comment about it here, that was my plan anyway), but either way: nice to see a few secrets revealed ;-).
    I think I’ll keep avoiding the Twilight books. I heard the author is a mormon and very much against f.ex. sex before marriage. I’m a bit allergic to sexism and too conservative values so I don’t think me + mormon authors are such a good match either.
    The perfumes: I’m leaning more and more towards the oriental, spicy smells. Old lady ones. For some, it’s a matter of maturing, I guess, I’m probably turning into an old lady… (finally!)

  4. It’s a beautiful sweater; I’m sorry it doesn’t fit. I have the same problem with a long torso. I realized why my clothes never fit properly when I knit a sweater once and realized the pattern was written for a much shorter torso. I was able to redo the waist though.

    You might try some natural perfumes (made with essential oils). There are several sellers on Etsy and they smell so much better and more unique than modern perfumes. (I’m allergic/sensitive to synthetic fragrances, but don’t seem to have the same problem with EOs.)

  5. Well, I think the top is cute.

    Hi, BTW. We’re friends on Ravelry (I’m avanta7 over there). I just transferred my blog to WordPress and added you to the “readammatic” thingy.

  6. I recognized that as a Blithe right away. I love Kim Hargreaves! 🙂 I do like your outfit, even though you’re not thrilled with the Blithe.

    Love that you’re a Trekkie, too! 😉

  7. I hear you about the long torso. It’s my case too and I seem to have gone my whole teenage years with shirts that were too shorts. Especially true with jersey type shirts that would fit when I bought them, but shrink at the first wash…
    I hate being home alone at night as well…I wil usually sleep with the light on.

    Thanks for sharing !

  8. I had the same exact reaction to the Twilight books. I work in a bookstore, so I made myself read the first two so I could be conversant, but all they did was make my ragey. No thanks.

  9. i both knit and sew too, and i find that so much can go wrong with knitting without the benefit of the “planning” and measuring-before-cutting that can be done with sewing. i tend to find knitting very much something like a luck-of-the-draw thing even if i swatch fastidiously. i still think this sweater looks good on you, you could frog the sleeves to add on more stitches there and the hem too to add on more length if you wanted. it’s a very pretty top.

  10. Thanks for playing along with the award! I enjoyed reading your list. I read the Twilight series as trainwrecky entertainment, although it was impossible not to see the author’s “agenda” in her writing. You’re right though that it is sending a bad message if anyone is impressionable enough to take it to heart (which many teenagers are.)

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