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SSS Day 5, shaping up my Fall sewing plans

Dress: Rooibos in poplin, blogged here

Cardigan: Old Navy, thrifted

Shoes: Keds, also thrifted

Today I had a holiday cookout (for labor day,) and I wanted to be casual but still fun.  This dress makes me sad, because it photographs horribly, but it’s so cute in person – the polka dots just emphasize every slight wrinkle on the camera.  It’s a little shorter than I might prefer, so I usually wear it on the weekends rather than for work.  As it gets colder I plan to wear it with some brightly colored tights, which I think will solve the length issue.  These shoes are some of my favorites – platform sneakers are so fun somehow!  I love this color combo – classic navy and white with red.  In fact, my current dress project involves all three shades!

I’m making the Kwik Sew mock 2 piece dress that I posted about earlier this summer.  I washed my red silk/cotton in order to remove some of the sheen (it was really shiny, and I wanted a day dress. ) The top fabric is the result, and the bottom is the wrong side of the fabric.  I like the washed, slightly sueded look of the top right side, so I’ve decided to use that for my skirt.  I have more of this fabric, in a darker red, which I plan to not wash and turn into a fun shiny skirt for fall, using this pattern.

I’m still making plans too.  I mentioned before that I wanted to make a Chanel jacket, but now I’m ready to show my fabric!

It’s a beautiful tweed.  I’m using the vogue pattern on the left and either the version with the tie neck or the long version… I will wait and see the length. The jacket on the right is my inspiration.  It uses a self fabric fringe.  It also appears to have a sheer polka dot organza fabric as a ruffled trim, and attached to ribbons at the sleeves (I really like that touch!)  I’m planing to copy those features.  I bought a charcoal silk for the lining, and I’m going to quilt it using instructions from Threads magazine (I bought 10 years of back issues at a yard sale this summer, and they are so useful!)

I hit the labor day sale at Joann’s yesterday.  It wasn’t super exciting, but they did have patterns on sale, and some new fabric collections with a 10% off everything, even sale items coupon.  I got two knit prints and patterns to go with them, from their new collection (which is all jewel tones – lovely!)

Rayon jersey in deep teal with a subtle print.  This is one of my favorite colors.  I want to make this Mccall’s pattern, and I’m not sure yet whether I want the skinny sleeves or the balloon ones.  I’m going to make this short to wear with tights or leggings.

Matte Jersey for this Palmer/pletsch dress.   Probably the non-wrap style, but I’m not decided yet.

I picked up a few patterns that I had been waiting for sales on.

I have a black gabardine to make the tracy reese skirt, and a silk crepe jacquard to make the blouse.  I bought the pleated vogue tunic thinking it would be great in a knit, but after reading the reviews of it I’m not so sure…  The cowl neck is a nice basic, and I want to make one of those long drawstring shirts which I’m seeing for fall.  I want a plaid, but I can’t seem to find any great plaids that aren’t flannel.  Maybe later in the year there will be some.

The knit dresses and shirts are needed in my wardrobe – I don’t want to replace my storebought ones, but they are getting on in years.  I can already tell that this month will be a challenge in terms of shirts – I only have two self made ones, and I am so very bad to just make more dresses instead!  I would feel bad about buying so much fabric, but to be honest I don’t really have a winter fabric stash (and not so much summer either) so it’s necessary!

My husband always says “Don’t you have a pattern like that?”  I always answer “Yes, but not this one!”  I think I almost like planning for sewing as much as I like sewing.  It’s so fun to plan and dream about projects that sometimes I forget to make time to actually sew!

11 thoughts on “SSS Day 5, shaping up my Fall sewing plans

  1. You are organized for your fall sewing. I can’t wait to see the Chanel jacket. now I am thinking I need one too!
    Agree with you about the patterns, sometimes looking over my pattern stash is better than reading magazines.

  2. Love your outfit for today. And I can’t wait to see the red white and blue dress – that’s my favourite colour combo too (altho I feel a bit nervous wearing it sometimes at home, northern ireland, due to the political implications those colours have!).
    I am SUCH a planner – I love it! I love thinking up different projects and I carry a little notebook with me everywhere in case inspiration hits! My problem is that my sewing skills don’t match my plans yet and a lot of my planned projects never materialise! Think I need to plan easier things…but it’s just not as fun!!

  3. LOvely Rooibus dress. I’m looking forward to seeing how your plans turn out. He he my husband says that about patterns too.

  4. My husband says the same thing about my pattern stash and acquisitions. Silly guys! I’m also planning on tackling a Chanel jacket. I like your inspiration piece.

  5. I just found your blog yesterday and I’m so excited! My husband is away for grad school until May and till then we only get to see each other on weekemds. I’ve recently started sewing my own clothes during the week to past the time and your blog will surely offer lots of inspiration:)

  6. Haha, I know what you mean about loving the planning and fantasizing. I recently got a new studio and in there I have this large display cabinet with all my fabrics in them. It took some time to get all the fabrics in there and when I was done I sat down on my chair. My husband looked at me and asked: “and now what are you going to do?” I answered:” I am going to look at them and fantasize about them, they are so pretty”. I think he laughed at me 😉

  7. I like the planning part just as much as sewing, too! Look forward to your Chanel jacket – it’s going to be just lovely in the tweed you’ve chosen!

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