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Self-stitched September day 2: Taking inventory

Cardigan: NY & Co, at least 10 years old

Dress: Tara in batik, blogged here

Necklace: Cobalt glass beads, vintage

Shoes: Cole Haan (bought on clearance, and not as comfortable as the “Nike air technology” claim would have you believe.)

I am in desperate need of a new lightweight black cardigan – this is the best I’ve got!  One of my projects for this month is to make my own – I already have the fabric, I just need to decide on a pattern!

Tara is one of those dresses that I’ve worn more that I thought I would.  It’s scandalously low cut, but I find that with a cardigan it is totally acceptable for many situations.  I usually wear this outfit with heels, but I’m teaching today.  I can’t play the piano in heels (well, I can, but not as well) and I tend to stand most of the time.  One of my students walked in as I was taking this photo, and I cannot imagine what she thinks I’m doing, but I did not explain!  Lots of people know that I make my own clothes, but I always feel like I’m bragging if I bring it up… so I don’t.  They can find out through Facebook (where I post photos of my projects) or my husband (who really likes telling people when I made my dress.)

Inspired by Tasia, I took inventory of what I have to work with this month:

5 skirts, one of which is warm weather only, two which are cold weather only

Two blouses, both good for transitional weather

Two jackets/cardigans.  I’m not including handknits, though I’m reserving the right to count them later if I get bored!

One pair of jeans (my linen pants are in the repair basket.)

And… fourteen dresses.  Yes, that’s right.  It appears that I love dresses.  Four of them are distinctly summery due to their prints, so I’m wearing them early in the month (Tara is among them.)  One dress is a semi-formal, and may get worn to go out but not daytime, and two are just sort of displeasing to me for various reasons.  None have long sleeves, but that’s ok – I can wear sweaters and focus on making some sleeved garments.

I am glad I went for the lite pledge, but even with that I won’t be wearing pants  very often!  I’m actually dreaming of a pair of high waisted 70s style pants, like these from Chloe:

But I’m without a pattern for them at the moment.  I hope day 2 has gone well for everyone (and I pretty much guarantee that this isn’t going to be daily posting!)

9 thoughts on “Self-stitched September day 2: Taking inventory

  1. Fourteen dresses!! Wow! It’s nice to take inventory isn’t it? See how much you’ve accomplished and see where you’re needing more…
    I’m dreaming of my own version of your jeans. I have zero pairs of pants and it’s getting cold here!

  2. The pants from Chloe this season are fantastic! I want to make a pair too! And I need to make more dresses and less separates I think!

    1. I have to tell you, one of the reasons I’ve always enjoyed your blog is because you have a very similar coloring and body type to me, and it helps me decide on colors and styling for my own knits. Really, we look a lot alike and tonight my one year old daughter confirmed it. When she saw your picture in today’s post she said “Mama!” And pointed at you. Every time I navigated away from your page, she said “No, mama! No, mama! Uh-oh, mama!” until I went back to your blog.

      Anyway, I love your clothes and can’t wait to see a whole month of you wearing them in real life. Please be sure to wear your some of you knits, too, even though they don’t “count” because they are my favorite.

    1. You really do love dresses! It seems like they’re great for your climate, though, so why not? Also, I love that your husband brags about your craftiness. Mine does the same with my knitting, and it’s always so cute.

  3. i am totally counting knitwear in the challenge. unfortunately it’s too hot right now to wear any of it.

    i don’t like to tell people i make my own stuff either and my boyfriend is also the first to pipe up on my behalf. it’s like they’re proud of us or something. sheesh.

  4. This is a great post! What you said about feeling like you brag when you tell people you make your own clothes, I totally identify with. Sometimes I tell them and other times I don’t. I work at an elementary school and some of the kids knew I sew, they are totally unpretentious and just think it’s cool.(refreshing) Looking forward to the next post!

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