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Self-stitched September day 2: Taking inventory

Cardigan: NY & Co, at least 10 years old

Dress: Tara in batik, blogged here

Necklace: Cobalt glass beads, vintage

Shoes: Cole Haan (bought on clearance, and not as comfortable as the “Nike air technology” claim would have you believe.)

I am in desperate need of a new lightweight black cardigan – this is the best I’ve got!  One of my projects for this month is to make my own – I already have the fabric, I just need to decide on a pattern!

Tara is one of those dresses that I’ve worn more that I thought I would.  It’s scandalously low cut, but I find that with a cardigan it is totally acceptable for many situations.  I usually wear this outfit with heels, but I’m teaching today.  I can’t play the piano in heels (well, I can, but not as well) and I tend to stand most of the time.  One of my students walked in as I was taking this photo, and I cannot imagine what she thinks I’m doing, but I did not explain!  Lots of people know that I make my own clothes, but I always feel like I’m bragging if I bring it up… so I don’t.  They can find out through Facebook (where I post photos of my projects) or my husband (who really likes telling people when I made my dress.)

Inspired by Tasia, I took inventory of what I have to work with this month:

5 skirts, one of which is warm weather only, two which are cold weather only

Two blouses, both good for transitional weather

Two jackets/cardigans.  I’m not including handknits, though I’m reserving the right to count them later if I get bored!

One pair of jeans (my linen pants are in the repair basket.)

And… fourteen dresses.  Yes, that’s right.  It appears that I love dresses.  Four of them are distinctly summery due to their prints, so I’m wearing them early in the month (Tara is among them.)  One dress is a semi-formal, and may get worn to go out but not daytime, and two are just sort of displeasing to me for various reasons.  None have long sleeves, but that’s ok – I can wear sweaters and focus on making some sleeved garments.

I am glad I went for the lite pledge, but even with that I won’t be wearing pants  very often!  I’m actually dreaming of a pair of high waisted 70s style pants, like these from Chloe:

But I’m without a pattern for them at the moment.  I hope day 2 has gone well for everyone (and I pretty much guarantee that this isn’t going to be daily posting!)