Self-stitched September: the final roundup

Today is the last day of September, marking the end of an entire month wearing my self-stitched garments!  I have some thoughts on the experience at the end, but first I have photos of the final three days:

Day 28

Dress: Colette patterns Rooibos

Pin: Vintage, Sarah Coventry

Tights: DKNY

Shoes: Cole Haan

I love this dress so much… sad that it won’t photograph true to color (a beautiful emerald green!) I destroyed these tights at an evening rehearsal, and I’m not sorry – I hate when tights are shiny and not totally opaque.  Does anyone have any sources for truly opaque tights to share?  I’m looking for some!  I did wear a cardigan for part of the day, but I got hot.

Day 29

Jacket: Simplicity  2443

Dress: Kohls (it’s a large houndstooth, which doesn’t photograph well.

Leggings: Kohls

Boots: Alfani

I really like this outfit.  This dress is very short – so short that I chose to forgo tights and wear leggings for the extra coverage.  I am trying very hard to like these boots – I bought them last year, and they are too large for my calves (an eternal problem for me… my calves are only 12.75″ around, and boots rarely come that small.)  The topstitching is coming loose on one of the pockets of this jacket, so it’s in the mending pile until I can tack it down again.

Day 30

Cardigan: Simplicity 2360

Dress: Simplicity 2443

Tights: Forever 21

Shoes: Sofft

And I’m ending the month with the same garment that started it – my version of the DKNY Cozy wrap.  This is one of only 2 times this month I’ve been completely self-stitched.  I love the cozy, but I do find that I most often want to wear it either belted or like this (I have pinned it in place with a tiny vintage brooch.)  This outfit is a success also – I am obsessed with these tights, and I had planned to wear a black blazer with the dress originally – but it was so boring to me, I wanted some color!

So… what lessons have I learned from this month?

1. I don’t need to save my favorite clothes for special occasions. I tend to do this, think – oh, but I’m only seeing students today,  I should save that outfit for a day I’m going out!  But I feel so much better about myself when I look nice, there’s really no excuse anymore.

2. I don’t really need more casual clothes. I thought this was going to be an issue for me – what would I wear on the weekends?  But as it turns out I only wore jeans twice.  I have long been a proponent of the idea that a dress is just as easy to wear as a pair of jeans, and this month bore that out – I was able to wear casual knit dresses etc, and it was very comfortable – with leggings it’s almost like wearing pajamas.  Am I the only one who finds jeans sort of uncomfortable?  They always feel stiff to me.

2b. I don’t like pants. Ok, not a revelation, but it was a good reminder of the fact that up until about 2003 I didn’t even own any jeans.  I like how I look in skirts and dresses, but I’m often displeased with pants – especially in this time of the skinny pant, which is not good on me.

3. I’m cool toned. As you all know, I had been thinking I was after the Color me Beautiful experience.  But up until that I was convinced for years that I was warm – and all my clothes reflected that!  Almost everything that I’ve sewn is cool, and I feel so much better.  Unfortunately, that means that my old clothes don’t work with my new clothes.  That’s why you didn’t see any sweaters this month – my sweaters are almost entirely warm, with lots of rusts and oranges that worked ok with my old hair, but not at all with the new color.

4. Taking pictures wasn’t as bad as I thought. I do work at home though, so I have lots of time to get a photo.  I bought a tripod, and it’s been a revelation – now all I need is a remote and I can finally free my husband from his photo taking duties (he would be very glad I think.)

5. I will miss it! I have really enjoyed this whole experience.  I’m probably going to continue taking photos when I make a new outfit and occasionally sharing them here – it’s a good motivation for me to not fall into a fashion rut, and I enjoy the challenge of wearing things in a different way.

So overall… it was a good month, in spite of the sickness, and I feel like for me it was really an affirming experience.  I can finally have the wardrobe I want, in the colors I want!  And while I don’t necessarily dress like everyone else, that’s ok – and I plan to continue to express myself through my clothes!

The whole month’s photos may be found on flickr .  I have enjoyed seeing everyone else’s photos, and I have some sewing plans coming up to fill the holes I found in my wardrobe!

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SSS days 26 and 27: lessons in cheap fabric

I have always been cheap (thrifty, I like to say.)  It’s really hard for me to convince myself that it’s worth paying more for something, despite ample evidence that buying the cheap version only leads to frequent replacements.  I’m not going to necessarily say that fabric has to be expensive – after all, there are certainly bargains to be had!  And fabric at the chain stores isn’t necessarily cheap – have you seen the prices for the shoddy looking wools and silk they carry?   But quality (not price!) does matter.  And though there are exceptions (I think some of the knits are fine) the fabrics that are made for the chain stores are not nice.   Witness: the last 2 days of my self-stitched challenge.

Day 26

Pants: Vogue 8604, blogged here

Sweater: Vintage (leopard print!)

Belt: Merona

Shoes: Sofft

When I made these pants I wasn’t looking to spend much; they were the first pair of pants I had made, and I was convinced they were going to be a disaster.  Plus, I don’t have anywhere to shop locally besides chains, and I didn’t feel like waiting on an order.  This lightweight denim came from Joann, and I bought it with a coupon.  The results, after 6 months of wear?  They have faded considerably (seriously, look at the photos in the linked post!)  And – worst of all – they have managed to shrink several inches in length, despite 2 prewashing cycles on hot.    I can only wear them with flats now, but I don’t really like them with flats (wide legs need the balancing effect of heels, or they can look a little dumpy.)  I only pulled them out because I was desperate for pants, but I suspect they will be retired soon.

Day 27

Cardigan: Simplicity 2417, blogged here

Dress: Vogue 1137, blogged here

Tights: Forever 21 cable knit tights

Shoes: Sofft

Belt: Calvin Klein

On the other hand, this dress was made from nice quality fabric, and it’s holding up great!  I also lined it in bemberg rayon – a more expensive choice than poly linings, but so worth it.  Lately I’ve been using china silk (the real silk kind) as well, because it’s not really that expensive either.  Sometimes I try to cheap out by not lining something, but that is a mistake.  Yes, it does condemn me to drycleaning, but I could not wear this dress with tights without a lining.  And it wouldn’t be nearly as comfortable.  I can’t say the quality of the cardigan fabric yet, but it does feel very nice – I bought it on discount, and it feels nicer than what it cost.

I really like this outfit – I like the combination of the dotted cardigan and floral dress (mixed prints is a big trend this year.)  I have discovered that I love wearing belts over sweaters like this (though I still am not a huge fans of belts at the waist.)  And – it’s actually cold enough for tights today (ok, it’s in the 60s, which may be stretching it, but I’ll take what I’ve got!)

What got me off on the tangent about fabric quality?  I bought some flannel at Hancock’s, hoping to make myself a bathrobe (I have wished I had a more stylish one lately.)  I prewashed it 3 times (because it is flannel, and flannel shrinks like mad… this is what all the books recommend.)  This is the result:

It actually looks worse than the photo, but you can see the pilling.  Seriously, this stuff looks like the state my flannel pajamas get to when I throw them away!  I am not making a robe out of this… ugh.  Can you imagine how bad the pilling would get?  It was so cheap, I don’t even think it’s worth going back and complaining, but I’ve learned my lesson… only nice flannels.

What have your experiences been like with the fabric chains?  I have had a few nice experiences as well, but the bad ones do tend to stick in your mind… and with nowhere else to shop, I get frustrated really quickly.  Most of my fabric does come from the internet, but sometimes you just want to shop in person, you know?

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Winter Vogues already!

It seems very early to be thinking of winter patterns -we have yet to have a single day that makes me think of fall!  Still, I am happy to see new patterns (as always!)  Vogue patterns fit me very well, and I find that they suit my style.  It seems like a strong collection to me – plenty of styles that fit my taste, and also some that I personally don’t like, but for which I can see the audience.  Not a lot of real crazy stuff.  I don’t really get why so many winter patterns have short sleeves, but I figure I can wear a sweater (it’s hard to find a dress with sleeves in stores too!)   So… on to the patterns!

First, the designer patterns:

1207, a Cynthia Steffe design

I like this silhouette – it reads sort of bohemian to me.  The back is fabulous.  I love the fabric the original is made of!

1206, a Kay Unger design

On the other hand, I don’t like the sample fabric here at all – I mean, I love leopard, but the color of this one is weird.  The line drawings show how nice this design is, and the ruffle is right up my alley.

1205, also by Kay Unger

I’d imagine that the two Kay Unger designs from Spring were big sellers – her dresses are simple, flattering, and classic.  This doesn’t work for me in the solid, but the black with the one zebra strap is to die for – I may have to copy that exactly!

1209, a Rachel Comey design

Once again, this doesn’t read “winter” to me, but I think it’s very pretty.  Certainly “on trend,” so to speak.  I hate the sample color – I am so tired of pale beige!  I like the back more than the front – I almost wish the little peplum went all the way around.  I avoided wearing low back things for years, because I have a large mole back there.  I can’t actually see it, but in my mind it was huge and awful.  Sewing (and taking photos for sewing) has shown me that it is not, in fact, all that bad at all, so I think I could do this dress.

8687 – Vintage Vogue

There are two new vintage vogue patterns.  I don’t care for the other, but I love both parts of this one (with the skirt shortened of course.)


Love this knit dress pattern (stable knits will work best I think.)

8701 – Vogue Wardrobe

Someone at Vogue must like plaid – these wardrobe patterns are always illustrated that way!  I really like the jacket with the (also cute!) dress.


I cannot turn down a high waisted pencil skirt.  This is rather like several other patterns, but I like the waistband enough to probably buy it.

And as for the crazy… I would not actually wear this coat, probably, but somehow I think it’s really cool.

I don’t know… the scallops fool the eye in an interesting way.

But perhaps I’ve just been watching too much Project Runway.  I somehow have gotten my husband addicted to the current season, so we’re re-watching all the seasons, since he’s never seen them.  It’s funny because he doesn’t pay any attention to men’s clothes, but he always has opinions about mine!

I’m looking forward to these being in stores.

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Self Stitched September Days 23-25

We are nearing the end of the month!  I feel a little bit like I cheated, since I was so sick that I probably spent an entire week in pajamas.  I don’t have a photo from day 22, but I was wearing my Simplicity wrap cardigan.

Day 23

Dress: Simplicity 2443, blogged here

Cardigan: Ann Taylor, thrifted

Shoes: Anne Klein

I love this emerald green cardigan – it’s one of my favorite colors, and one that seems hard to find (olive and yellow greens abound, but they look like death on me.)  The great thing about this dress is that you can wear anything with it.  And it’s so comfortable!  Definitely a winner.

Day 24

Dress: Butterick 5415, heavily modified

Shoes: Franco Sarto

Belt: Forever 21

This dress is actually a new finish, but I am not feeling it.  I’m going to write up a review for patternreview, but it won’t get its own entry here.  Let’s just say that the unaltered pattern is not very flattering.  I ended up taking this dress in a ton on the top and (oddly enough) letting it out in the hips, even though I had used a larger size for the hips.  It’s very strangely proportioned.  And the sleeves were humongous, about as unlike the pattern illustration as you can imagine.  In addition, I have come to realize that I hate high, wide necklines – my shoulders are proportionally a bit wide, and I don’t like how this emphasizes them.  It’s a bit matronly as well, due to the really high neck.  But ah well – it sewed up in only an hour and a half, and the fabric was dirt cheap, so it’s no real loss.  I am beginning to wonder about Butterick patterns and me, but I do have a few more to make – it could be that I have just made poor choices. I should have known I would not like this one, due to the lack of shaping, but I was determined.  Does anyone else do this?  Carry on with something even when you sort of know it’s not a style you like?

Day 25

Skirt: Colette patterns Beignet, blogged here

Top: INC, thrifted

Shoes: Sofft Parma

It was too early for my usual photo spot.  I’m still on my sickness schedule, and I got up today (on a Saturday!) at 7 am.  I love this skirt so much – I really need to make another!  I’m going out for lunch with my in-laws today, and we might be going to the Irish festival (I was supposed to be singing there, but I am not exactly 100% yet.)  It’s been near 100 degrees this week, and today it is finally cooler – I am so happy to wear sleeves!

I’m going to work on another dress this week (this time with a muslin, unlike my last project.  I can sometimes get away without on, but I find I am happier if I at least try out the bodice!)  I may also begin the muslin for my Chanel jacket – that’s going to be a long project, since I am still on a trim search (I have decided on self fringe, pleated black ribbon, and a chiffon ruffle… now I just have to find the ribbon and chiffon!) Does anyone have any advice for preshrinking a loosely woven wool tweed?  I will not launder the finished jacket of course, but I am loathe to take my fabric to the cleaners.  I usually do the dryer/damp towel method, but I hesitate here.  Maybe I should steam shrink?  I do have a steamer…


SSS: Days 17-21

I have been remiss in keeping up my posting this weekend.  I apologize, but this flu has my sleeping habits thrown off, so nothing ever seems to get done (I usually sleep late, since I don’t work in the mornings, but I’ve been up every day at 6:30!)  I’m not completely better, which seems crazy, but I am feeling a lot better than I was, and I’m back to work.  Tonight I’m planning on staying in and working on a new project.  Remember the Pizza Sempione dress that I wanted to copy, because I had really similar fabric?  I’m going to try using Butterick 5415, without contrast bands.

It’s a simple dress, but I cannot yet tell how it’s going to work out.  I’m not planning to line it (a lining pattern isn’t included anyway) because it’s loose enough to work with a slip.

I have three days worth of outfits for you too – none from the weekend, because I again managed to not leave the house at all, and mostly I slept in a desperate attempt to not be sick anymore.

Day 17

Dress: Vogue 8667 , blogged here

Belt: The Kwik Sew  dress I finished 2 weeks ago

Shoes: Sofft

I went out to dinner in this outfit -we went to a great hole-in-the wall Italian American restaurant.  I could live on pasta, seriously.  That was pretty much my only going out for the whole weekend!

Dress: Vogue 1027 , blogged here

Cardigan: Merona

Shoes: Sofft

Look, I know this is a bad outfit.  I honestly think you can judge how well I feel by how many ponytails I’m wearing, and how many unnecessary layers of clothing I have on.  I taught 5 hours of lessons, and ordered in pizza.

Day 21

Pattern: Simplicity 2360, blogged here

Belt: Forever 21

Shoes: Anne Klein

Bag: Thrifted

Today I am feeling a little better, can you tell?  No ponytail.  I had to go to the sheet music store, Joann (for the pattern above) and I stopped off at Forever 21 – I love the belt I’m wearing, but it’s showing some abuse – I picked up a spare!  I also discovered something awesome:

Argyle tights!  I love sweater tights, and I had been looking for some.  I can’t wait for cold weather so I can wear them (it’s currently about 90 degrees!)


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The “!” Dress

Pattern: Vogue 1194, a DKNY Design

Fabric: ITY knit (poly/lycra blend) 2 yards from fashionista fabrics

Leggings: Kohls

Shoes: Sofft

Everyone has a different reaction to being ill.  Some people like to watch daytime tv.  My husband goes to bed and sleeps for 3 days, at the end of which he is healed.   Personally?  I have a really hard time sleeping when I’m sick.  I can’t fall asleep when I can’t breathe, or when I’m coughing.  I do watch tv, but when I’m sick what I really want is to be distracted (but not with anything hard.)  I thought that working on some knit dresses would be good, because I don’t do muslins of knits, and the fit is usually forgiving.  It worked for yesterday’s dress, but this one?  Was a headache.

I really like the outcome – it’s comfortable and flattering, and while the neckline appears low it doesn’t actually show any cleavage at all (I’m wearing a vintage style bra, which shows in the middle on at least half my wardrobe, and it’s in no danger here.)  But I had to make significant alterations to get the fit and look I wanted.  There weren’t any finished measurements on the tissue, which should have been a bad sign, but I sewed it up anyway, figuring that the size 8 would be good enough (I often wear an 8 in Vogue patterns, and that’s the size recommended for me based on bust measurement.)  Well… it came out really big.  I ended up taking it in by 2 full inches in both the body of the dress and the sleeves.  The pattern calls for elastic to be inserted in the top and bottom of both the front twisted band and the back band.  I was doubtful the whole time, but I followed the pattern.  As it turned out, the elastic was a bad idea – it was visible from the outside, and didn’t really hold anything in.  I removed it from the back band, but kept it in the front, adjusting the width of the front band until it actually held in (I did not have to tack it down as the pattern calls for – I did at first, but it looked bad, and it works better if it’s the correct size that it holds itself in place.

I initially included the pockets, but they were causing an unflattering sort of saddle bag effect on the sides, so I took them out.  I cut 4 inches off the hem with my serger (it came out below the knees on me.)  I unthreaded the serger, marked my hem, and then used it to get an even trim.  I did not sew a hem – this fabric looks nicer unhemmed to me.  The net effect of removing the elastic, the pockets, and all the weight of that hem were to raise the empire seam to where  it’s supposed to be – the weight of the fabric was pulling it down, and this isn’t a heavy fabric.  The back band is not even with the twisted front band exactly, but I think that’s as it’s supposed to be – my pieces all lined up.  So it’s only truly empire waisted in the front.  The other alteration was to replace the interfacing on the front self facing with clear elastic, which works well enough I suppose.

I like this print – you can’t see that it’s made up of tiny exclamation points unless you get up close.  I like it with leggings, which was my intention when I shortened the dress.  I was a late one to embrace the return of leggings – after all, I did wear them the first time.  But I’ve grown accustomed to them now.  I wear them with short dresses and long tunics.  I’m not sure I recommend this pattern exactly – it’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that I question some of its constructions methods, and I think it runs big.  I’m getting pretty good at adjusting things to fit, but it’s better if I don’t have to!

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My t-shirt dress (Vogue 8593)

Pattern: Vogue 8593

Fabric: Cotton Interlock print – Patti Young for Michael Miller fabrics 1.5 yards

Belt: Calvin Klein

Shoes: Sofft

Notes: I love that I literally can’t take photos without a cat.  Today Sarah Jane has decided to grace us with her presence (she is attracted to this dress, because it collects cat hair like a dustmop.)  This pattern is apparently a knockoff of the dress Michelle Obama wore on her first visit to the white house.  Butterick has a version too, but I chose this one because Vogue patterns fit me better.  The butterick version has an empire waist seam, while the Vogue has no waist seam at all (and darts in the back that run the whole length of the dress.)

I’ve been wanting to make this for awhile, but I was stuck on fabrics.  I knew from reading reviews that a pretty stable knit was required, but I thought a doubleknit would be too thick.  So I decided to try out interlock (which is very much like turtleneck fabric.)  I’m pleased that quilting print designers are starting to come out with other fabrics – I love the prints, but I hate quilting cottons for most garments (skirts are ok.)  I do wish the focus wasn’t all on kids clothes – I don’t have any children, but I want great prints too (without looking like I’m wearing an 8 year old’s dress!)  I thought this print was modern and suited my style.  I bought 1.5 yards, which is just what the pattern called for.  Yeah… don’t do that.  I tried to cheap out and I paid the price.  This stuff shrinks 20-30% in the prewash (on hot, thought I won’t wash it on hot in real life… I wanted it to get the shrinking  out of its system.)  I ended up having to omit the zipper in order to fit everything in.  Fortunately, it totally doesn’t need a zipper (do any knit dresses need zippers?  I’m starting to wonder…)

My only other alteration was to remove the sleeve cap ease.  I really like this dress, though I think I had a dress in the exact same color and style (minus the neck pleating) about 1992… oh yeah, I was a cool 7th grade (no, no I wasn’t, and I probably wore it with stirrup pants.)

I recommend the pattern.  The sizing seems consistent – I made a 6 on top, grading to a 10 at the waist and hips.  The skirt is definitely pegged (ie tapered) and you have to sort of embrace that.  The pleats are thick at the neckline, and I tacked them down inside the folds to keep the facing from flipping out.  Other than that this was an easy dress, and honestly it is like wearing a t-shirt!  This is my outfit for day 15 of Self-Stitched September – we’re halfway there, though I missed several days what with all the being sick and pajama wearing.  I’m not all better, but my fever is gone, and I had a meeting, so I dragged myself off to a University where I probably frightened a few administrators with my raspy man-voice.  I am totally kidding no one with the tights – it’s 85 degrees today, and I had to walk up 4 flights of stairs (outside!) to get to my meeting.  I took them off as soon as I got home, as apparently it still isn’t fall.

The other dress I finished this week is going to require some surgery (it’s too big) so I may not get to posting on that for awhile.

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Not dead yet

I swear, I am the most pitiful sick person on the planet!  I’ve only left the house once since last Friday, but tomorrow I will have to pull myself together – I have an important meeting that cannot be postponed.  My fever is gone, so I think I’m on the mend.

All this enforced house time has given me plenty of sewing time!  I’ve started doing a few things differently, to help with my prep time.  First, I’m pre-washing all of my fabrics.  That way, when inspiration strikes I won’t have to wait.  I’ve also been cutting the pattern tissue for the things I want to make this fall – I really don’t enjoy cutting, and I’m much more likely to start something if I don’t have to do the pattern cutting.    And I can do it on the living room floor while I watch tv (I don’t have a tv in my sewing room, though I occasionally wish I did… we don’t have cable on the 3rd floor yet.)

Some sneak peeks (I’ll show the dresses when I wear them later this week.)

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SSS day 12: a new cardigan

Pattern: Simplicity 2417, view A

Fabric: Rayon jersey from Fashion fabrics club, gray with black dots, 2 yards

Shoes: Kensie Girl

Belt: Calvin Klein

Since I was running a fever for the 3rd day in a row and rapidly losing my voice,  I decided it was time to throw on some clothes and go to the doctor (well, the immediate care center, because why should I get sick on a weekday?)  Apparently I have the flu, for the first time in probably fifteen years.  Well… I may have had the flu other times, but for most of my 20s I didn’t have any health insurance, and so avoided going to the doctor at all costs.  At any rate, at least now I know why I feel so awful, and it really doesn’t seem to be the worst case of flu ever.  At least I get time off work, although I will have to make it up later.

I finished this cardigan on Friday – literally sewed the whole thing then.  I wanted some basic long cardigans to wear over sleeveless dresses, and I thought this pattern looked promising.  Since I had such good luck with Simplicity’s cozy wrap I was hoping this one would be as nice, and I was not disappointed!  I sewed a straight size 6, which seems to be my size in Simplicity.  Things I like about this cardigan: the nice high, tight armholes, which look very RTW to me, and the front bands, which give it a little more interest than just a plain cardigan.

I didn’t make many alterations to the pattern.  I did my usual job removing the ease from the sleevecaps (only 1/2″, but still unnecessary.)  I did not hem the sleeves, because I liked the length.  I sewed the sleeves in flat, and then closed up the side seams and sleeve seams in one sweep with the serger (I often do this – I hate setting in sleeves in the round, and I don’t notice much difference on most garments.)  I only sewed one line of stitching for the hem, because my twin needle wasn’t working well with this knit.

I absolutely recommend the pattern – this was incredibly easy to sew, and the results are very ready to wear.  I’m thinking of using my leftover jersey to create a little flower embellishment – removeable, of course, because I’m not handwashing a cardigan!  I’ve decided that while I’m having forced sick time I had might as well sew up some more knits – they’re easy to wear, and lately I’m finding myself reaching for them.  I did make a muslin of the jacket I mentioned yesterday, but the sleeve style was really weird – something in between raglan and dropped.  It is not flattering, so that pattern is out… I much find something else for my lovely wool.

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SSS Day 10: sick day

I have been struck down by  some sort of illness – I have a fever, and a cough, and I feel pretty generally disagreeable.  Needless to say, I had to cancel all my weekend activities – Marc’s already caught my cold, and I don’t want to give it to anyone else!   Since I was feeling terrible, my plans for the weekend included lying on the sofa in my pajamas, rewatching all the Harry Potter movies and maybe sewing that dotted cardigan I said I was going to start days ago.  As it turns out I had neglected to buy thread, so I had to throw some clothes on to go to the fabric store.  And since it’s September, something had to be made by me!  This outfit is probably a reflection of just how lousy I felt, but hey… it served its purpose of clothing me so that I could leave the house.  I may have cursed my lack of hand-made yoga pants a few times, but let’s be honest… I don’t wear those out of the house anyway.

Skirt: Corduroy a-line skirt from the book SEW U, blogged here

T-shirt: Merona

Shoes: Sofft Pienza loafers

I don’t really wear this skirt, but I am proud that it was the first real garment I made.  I used to own a lot of these sort of low waisted a-line skirts.  As it turns out, the reason I stopped wearing skirts was probably because low-waist skirts came in – I like to tuck a shirt into my skirt, and this doesn’t do it for me.

There won’t be a day 11 post, since I’m not leaving the house or changing out of my pajamas, and who can tell about tomorrow?  But – I did finish sewing the dotted cardigan, and I’ll have photos sometime this week.  I’m going to start on Vogue 8640 – I am planning to make both parts, but the jacket is going to require a muslin before I cut into my lovely dotted wool… I’m not sure yet that it will suit me.