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Testing… is this thing on?

Self-stitched September is nearly upon us!  I’m planning to do a post every few days with my outfit photos – I know myself well enough to realize that everyday posting is not for me (I like to build up long posts instead.)  I went ahead and bought a tripod, since an entire summer of searching failed to turn up one used.  I’ve been experimenting with taking self photos.

This is the best… and I took a lot.  I like that in my photos (as opposed to the ones my husband takes) I appear to be really tiny, or the ceilings really tall (they are really tall, over twice my height, but I guess I never saw it in photos before!)  It’s worth noting that nothing in this outfit is self-made, but I do get asked all the time if I made the shirt!  I was thinking of reverse engineering a pattern, but I noticed that one of the necklines in Jalie’s scoopeck top pattern is really similar, so I think I’m just going to get that instead (I hear good things about their patterns, and I’m planning to order a few to try.)  This outfit is the result of me trying to dress down for a rehearsal.  I suppose I could have left off the heels and necklace, but oh well… I’ve gotta be me!

The looming deadline has also thrown me into a bit of a sewing frenzy.  The Vogue a-line dress I from earlier this week is nearly complete – it just needs hand hemming, which I like to save for Project Runway on Thursday after my rehearsal (did anyone see last week’s episode?  Dude… Gretchen’s meltdown was the best reality tv I’ve seen in ages.  Personally, I’m rooting for Mondo, just because I love an oddball, and he has a pretty consistent point of view.)  Anyway, the dress  is cute, and I’ll have photos this weekend.  I’ve also decided that I need a few lightweight cardigans – most of my knitted cardigans won’t be wearable until November, when it starts to actually get cold.

I’m the last person in the whole world to make Simplicity 2603, the DKNY cozy wrap knock-off.  I figure that if DNKY is still selling them (and they are) then I’m not too late.  I’m using a bamboo/lycra jersey, bought from Fashion Fabrics club last December.  They don’t still have it, or I would link, because it’s really nice!  It’s slightly slubby, and very drapey.  Too light for a t-shirt, but perfect for something that needs drape.  I bought it thinking, based on the swatch, that it was more purple, but it’s hot pink.  Luckily, my new hair color looks great with this sort of pink, so I can use it up.  I spent an hour tonight crawling around on the floor cutting, since it needs to be cut single layer, and my cutting table isn’t that big.  Those of you who cut without a table have my sympathy – I didn’t even finish before my knees gave up!  I’ll probably finish cutting and then sew it up tomorrow.

Mentioning Fashion Fabrics club reminded me… I’m still working on that online shopping guide, but I got my latest order, and I wanted to link to the fabrics I got, so that you can see what they look like full sized!

Gray RPL Jersey to make a long cardigan.  I’m going to use Simplicity 2417 as a base, but add some embellishments.  This is lightweight but only the tiniest bit sheer – very nice for a cardigan!

Yes, I know this fabric is insane, but I adore it!  It’s a cotton/lycra jersey, not at all sheer and good for a dress.  This fabric was on EmmaOneSock earlier in the month for $18 a yard.  I paid 4, and got enough to make a maxi dress next summer.  I’m thinking one shouldered, if that trend survives.

Cotton sateen in a painted looking print.  Lightweight but not sheer.  In fact, it feels identical to the fabric I used for my 50s sheath dress.  I can’t say for sure they came from the same place, but given the similarity of prints, and the identical feel, I think it’s likely.  I bought it because it was similar to this dress, by Piazza Sempione, from my inspiration folder.

It’s really close.  If it’s like the other fabric it will wrinkle, so I may underline this time.

And finally, I got a wool tweed. The quality is beautiful – I bought it when it was on sale for $8 a yard, and it feels much more expensive.  Good for a skirt or jacket, but a little too heavy for a dress in my opinion.  I’m making Simplicity 2343, and I will certainly be besting the pricetag of Anthropologie’s version of that skirt!

9 thoughts on “Testing… is this thing on?

  1. Wow, I can’t believe how close your fabric is to the Piazza Sempione dress – you must have squealed in delight when you saw it. 🙂

  2. I have the Simplicity DKNY knock off pattern, too and have never made it, either, so don’t feel bad 🙂
    I have a similar McCalls I was going to use instead since it has a short sleeved option, I would get more use out of it here.

  3. I love the cotton lycra. And no you’re not the last person to make up the Simplicity cardigan. I guess it’s time to pull it out of my stash. Wonderful blog.

  4. That’s so weird… I have 2 of the same fabrics you have! I got a hot pink bamboo jersey when I was at NYC Mood in April, and I got the rainbow knit when I was back at NYC Mood earlier this month! I’ve yet to use either one of them, though…I’m a little afraid to mess them up 😛

  5. Well, I feel like we’re sharing a brain – I bought some of that crazy multi-color jersey at Mood (unfortunately I paid more than $4/yd) and have made a t-shirt dress with it, to be blogged this weekend. I also just picked up a length of black tweed for a skirt. Heh. I’m excited to see what you do with both fabrics. 🙂

  6. Your knees have my sympathy. I’ll never forget being pregnant last year and crawling around on the floor cutting out a pattern for my husband’s PJ pants.

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