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Midweek randomness (my goodness, it’s almost September!)

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a few days – we visited my in-laws in Cincinnati, and I’ve been fighting off a sinus infection.  I’m finally feeling almost better, and I’m anxious to get back to my sewing room!  I can’t seem to organize my thoughts, so here is a convenient list of all the random creative things I’m thinking of lately.

Self-stitched September is almost here!  Just to review, my version of the pledge says that I will wear something I’ve made every day, but every item I’m wearing doesn’t have to be handmade – I simply don’t have enough basics to make it through a month that way.  It’s going to be hard enough making it with this version (I think that come weekends I will get sad that I never made casual clothes.)

– I’m joining the Lady Grey sewalong at Gertie’s blog.  I’m very excited yet intimidated.  I have an obsession with coats, and the idea of making my own appeals to me greatly.

Fashion Fabrics club has a pretty good sale on right now – most of their wools and cottons.  I find ordering from them a bit like fabric roulette, as the descriptions are lousy and the photos are tiny.  But – if you watch other fabric sites you can often find really nice fabrics for a fraction of their cost elsewhere.  I bought the fabric for Butterick 5490 from them for some ridiculously cheap amount, because they had mislabeled it as a cotton (instead of a cotton/silk blend, which is what it definitely is.)  I ordered 2 knit prints, a tweed suiting, and a nice cotton print for under $60.  We’ll see how I like them when they show up in a month (yes, the shipping is painfully slow, but I can be patient when I’m getting something for $4 a yard instead of $18.)

– I had  a few readers ask me for a review of the websites I’ve ordered from… would that be helpful?  I order almost all of my fabric, since I have no good local sources, so I’ve ordered from a bunch, some multiple times.  If it would be helpful I can write a post.

– I haven’t sewn at all since Friday, since I can’t decide what to make next.  I think I may make the 60s style suit I posted about recently… I just need to get some motivation!

– I have gotten my copies of all the fall fashion magazines, and I must say that I’m glad this is a year where things I like to wear are in style – full skirts, high waisted wide leg pants etc… hooray for that!

– I actually went clothes shopping this weekend – my denim situation was dire, so I forced myself to buy some new jeans and black dress pants at NY&Co.  I also tried on some of the newer pants trends.  Let me tell you, I’m thinking that skinny jeans and jeggings are trends that I will not be taking part in.  Who does this look good on?  Not me… makes my hips look wide as a house.  I’ll stick to my bootcuts, thanks.  I might buys some straighter jeans to wear tucked into boots, but then again maybe not… I have a hard time finding any that I like!

–  More later, when I can organize my thoughts!

9 thoughts on “Midweek randomness (my goodness, it’s almost September!)

  1. I know what you mean about FFC. I have gotten some GREAT deals from them but also some real duds. Thankfully they take returns so I’m never concerned about getting something I’m less then satisfied with. The shipping is painfully slow, though.

  2. I don’t know who can wear those skinny jean leggings – I cannot. I used to in college, 20 years ago. I wear jeans so little due to heat, when I do, it’s in the winter and like most around here, with boots, such as ropers (by Justin, flatter heeled and rounded toe cowboy boots) instead of pointed heeled fancy cowboy boots. As far as online sources, I think it’s helpful for all of us to share our good and bad experiences. I like for the prices and selection, but once or twice, did not like the final product for it’s texture or weight.

  3. I’d love to know where you get your fabrics! I’ve been less than satisfied on my last FFF purchases. Too lazy to send them back, so I’m hoping that the right project will pop up and I’ll want to make something from them.

    I LOVE NY&Co for basics, too! You just can’t beat their pants, so I buy a few pair every fall to round out the wardrobe.

    And no, skinny jeans, leggings and “jeggings” for me, either. No thanks. These hips need a good bootcut!

  4. Yes, please post about your online fabric purchase experiences.

    I admit that I bought skinny jeans last year, but I only ever wear them with my tall boots. Bootcut jeans just have too much fabric around the ankle for them to be comfortable when tucked in. I recommend an inexpensive pair of skinny jeans just to wear with your boots. No leggings for me though. Yuck! I wish that they had never come back.

  5. I cannot wear skinny jeans either, my hips are massive. I LOVE the jeans you made a couple months back, the wide-leg style. I bought that pattern because of you! And somehow, I’m going to try to get them done before September 🙂
    I’d love to hear your online fabric shopping thoughts and tips!

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